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How to apply coupon codes at checkout for big savings off your total

How to Find, Use, and Leverage Promo-codes for Obscene Online Savings

This complete coupon codes database. in combination with the below tips, will take your frugal shopping to a whole new level and help you keep more cash in your pockets. 

Did you know that thousands of retailers  offer special promotional codes which will instantly give you either a flat dollar amount off, free shipping, or a significant percentage discount on your purchase total when applied at checkout?

Retailers refer to these special promotional savings codes as "keycodes", but most savvy bargain hunters use the term "coupon code". Either way, they usually mean a sweet deal. 

NEVER pay full price online again. Start your online shopping right here by entering the name of a store, product, or brand into the below search box, then click "Go".

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How to Use the Above Coupon Code Database

  1. Type the name of a store, product, or brand into the above search box and click "Go" to see a list of deals.
  2. Click on "Get Code" to reveal the coupon code for that merchant. Click on highlighted coupon code on this page again to open a new browser tab with the merchant's website. 
(Leave this original tab open so you can refer back and see what the exact coupon code is so it can be later entered at checkout, or so you can search for new codes just in case your first choice doesn't work at checkout).
  • Once done shopping, proceed to checkout and look for a box labeled something similar to: "Have a Promotional Code?" Then enter the EXACT coupon code from this original page into the box at checkout (codes are often case-sensitive). Then simply click the button to instantly apply the savings to your total. In the rare event your deal was not applied successfully, don't complete your transaction. Be persistent and try other codes from the above database. Most are valid.
  • Complete transaction, then brag to everyone about how much money you saved. You can tell us all about the great deal you snagged by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.
  • Finding and applying these special deal codes at checkout is my favorite way to save a lot of money on all my online purchases. This page will make you an expert at this little-known method of saving money online.

    The hardest part of the process for me was always having to spend a lot of time searching through many different coupon code aggregator sites to try and find the best codes that were still valid.

    As you can see by the screenshot below, applying the codes at checkout is the easy part. It's the FINDING that was always a pain.

    But no worries, I created this page to take all the pain out of the tedious process of finding the best of these secret deals.

    Here you'll be able to find all the juiciest valid promotional codes for any products or stores you wish by using my above powerful integrated coupon code search engine and database .

    There are also other strategies and savings tools below to make it click simple to get the largest possible percentage off all your online purchases. So be sure to bookmark this page right now so you can start your coupon search here and save more time and money whenever you shop online.  

    For me, frugal shopping online goes hand-in-hand with the habitual use of coupon codes. I'll take "extreme coupon coding" online, over "extreme couponing" offline, any day!

    This page is where I now begin my search for valid codes. And there is hardly ever an instance when I do not save a good percentage (20 - 60%) off whatever I buy online.

    Below is an example of how to apply the codes for big savings off your shopping cart total.  

    I frequently score huge discounts like this for all sorts of online purchases.

    Example of a 25% OFF Coupon Code Being Applied for a Big Discount at Checkout

    Since I am a customer and partner of the popular website hosting company (I use them for hosting some of my other websites), they gave me a special 25% OFF discount code to share with anyone who may need reliable cheap web hosting. So I used my special promo code for illustration purposes in the above image.

    save25frugalicity is a valid Hostgator keycode that will instantly knock off 25% at checkout, as you can see in the screenshot above.

    I made the screenshot of Hostgator's checkout screen in order to show how easy it is to apply a coupon code to save a nice chunk of change.

    Most online merchants will have a similar place to plug a promotional code in at checkout, though the wording each uses may vary a bit.

    In the above example, I saved $71.55 off the total. That's a savings of one-forth of the regular total price (25% off).

    This savings is by no means chump change for my frugal family! That's about a month's worth of electricity in July in upstate South Carolina (we are very energy frugal too;^)

    You gotta admit, that big instant discount is not too shabby for a few seconds effort. And you can repeat this free money trick for just about anything you can buy online.

    (did you bookmark this page yet?)

    NEVER pass up the opportunity to apply a promocode at checkout!

    Some Great Deals Hot Off the Presses

    Groupon. Not Just for Local Deals Any More. Search Their Tens of Thousands of Groupon Coupon Codes.

    Most frugal folks are well aware of "Groupons" for saving money. But besides making it easy to find hundreds of thousands of local deals in cities and towns all across the nation, Groupon now has expanded into coupon codes and promotional sales offered by major online retailers.

    The new section of their site for Groupon coupon codes (the "Coupons" link on their site) makes it super simple to search over 73,000 active free coupon codes and deep discounts for huge instant savings at over 9,300 online stores.

    I created a page with all the information about Groupon you could ever want to know, and there you will find my hand-picked list of all the very best Groupon Coupon Codes Deals and Discounts pulled in hot off the presses every hour.

    Also consider Groupon's main competitor: Living Social where you can save up to 80% OFF with Living Social's Daily Deals .

    Gorilla Bargain Hunting Strategy

    Turbo-charge Your Online Savings By Stacking Coupon Codes, Cash-Back/Rebates, and Card Bonuses

    My #1 Strategy for Saving Money Online  is to combine the leverage of (1.) Coupon Codes(2.) 1 - 5% Cash-back bonuses  by using my Discover Card or other cashback cards for online purchases. Plus,(3.) Extra Cash-back rebates of up to 40%  awarded for purchases I make via my favorite cashback sites which usually provide #1, the coupon codes. and #3, the cash-back on checkout totals, simultaneously.

    Following are some of the best cashback sites I use regularly. Don't worry. They are very trustworthy. I've never had any problems whatsoever and they've always payed out what I was owed.

    They all allow you to stack the best coupons available on top of the cash back bonuses on your purchases they'll award to you for simply passing through their links to the merchants' websites. If you start all your online shopping with these cash-back leaders, it will add up fast and you'll easily save hundreds or thousands of extra dollars you otherwise would not have.

    Cashback Website TIP #1:

    Don't be afraid to comp shop between the cash back sites to see who offers the most cashback for the merchants you wish to shop at. The deals are always changing, so don't assume anything.

    I've often noticed one cashback site giving double or more cashback percent for a given merchant as compared to the others. The bigger your purchase totals, the more dollar difference in cash back the percent variations will make. Once again it pays to shop around!

    Cashback Website  TIP #2:

    Once you know who has the best offer, then be very sure to use that cashback site's displayed link to the merchant's website in order to shop and get credit for the cashback bonus when you make qualified purchases. Believe me, it's very easy to mess that part up and not get the rebate.

    I've learned to close extra browser tabs so I don't accidentally use an untracked link to the merchant. You have to be a bit methodical about being SURE to use only their links to the stores in order for them to credit you with the cashback when you checkout! If you type in the merchant site's web address directly into the address bar, or use a different link there, without your intended cashback site tracking it, then you will just end up leaving money on the table and losing your rebate or other promotions. They can't track what they can't track.

    Example of One Recent Rebate Deal I Snagged:

    Here's but one example. Through Coupon Cactus I recently scored a huge rebate plus juicy AT&T U-verse promotion coupon savings plus gift card when I purchased new U-verse service after following Coupon Cactus's link to ATT's website. With a U-verse Triple Play of voice+internet+video you can often get cashback and perks of up to about $300! Not many families would turn their noses up at that.

    So never forget that applying these tips and tricks can easily earn you back $hundreds of dollars on teleco, cable, wireless, or satellite services. Switching providers can be a pain. But on the other hand it's a golden time for huge rebates on broadband internet / tv / phone / VOIP / or cellular services on top of the gift cards, rebates, or other perks they tend to offer new customers.

    Please don't ever pass up a coupon code or cashback site for internet/cable/telephone/wireless/satellite services. THAT is where the juiciest savings of all can usually be had because it's such a cut throat competitive industry and they all know the long-term value of customers who tend to be reluctant to switch carriers. They are happy to provide incentives to acquire new customers because for them it's often a good return on investment.

    I think it's well worth the hundreds of dollars instant cash rebates at checkout just for the time it takes for you to log into your above cashback sites to see who has the best offers. A few clicks and Kaching!

    Travel, electronics, and other big ticket purchases can also put many C-notes back in your pocket if you follow my advice here and use the above cash back sites. They all make it very easy to find juicy cashback deals and promotions on just about anything you can buy online. Remember, they are not just about cashback though. They also present the best current deals offered by the merchants. on top of any extra rebates they'll pay you when you buy something.

    If you then complete your purchases with a cashback bonus card too, well then you have three layers of savings stacked up automatically. This is how I always try to shop smart online and regularly SAVE A LOT!

    So the bottom line is that with little extra effort I have a triple leveraged way to save money while shopping online (and sometimes even quadrupled if the merchant has a built in holiday sale or promotion running).

    I save with the coupon code, I get a rebate for using my Discover Card (or other cashback credit cards), and I get another rebate for linking to the stores from cashback leaders like Coupon Cactus or Ebates' online shopping internet portals.

    Having a "Reward Card" (a credit card that rewards you in some way each time you use it) is a no-brainer and there is a vast selection of these "cash back" or "free gas" or "air mile" or "auto dealer rebate" cards out there. And check their perks page to many little known benefits like travel insurance, extended warranties, price protection, ect.!

    Since I pay off my balances every month, I NEVER pay interest and I hope you don't either. But I pay every bill I possibly can with my Discover Card so I can earn cash-back bonuses of 1 - 5% on bills, gas, food, insurance premiums, utilities, ect. It really adds up fast.

    Everyone disciplined enough should try this strategy because it's a totally free, very easy, and automatic way to build up an extra little cash back nest egg for those inevitable rainy days. And you're getting nice discounts to boot.

    But for the extra cash-back bonuses for online purchases, you have to link to stores via Coupon Cactus or Ebates or through the Card company's shopping portal (if your reward card company offers such referral sharing that is). Definitely sign up for Coupon Cactus and Ebates, either way.

    The only two such programs I know of right now is Discover Card's "ShopDiscover" program and the "Bank of America AddItUp" program. (Update: I believe ShopDiscover was discontinued)

    In my opinion Coupon Cactus seems to pay higher percentage rebates and have better coupon codes and deals.

    These referral sharing programs consist of the site's, or bank or credit card company's affiliate program referral links to a wide selection of online retailers.

    If you follow their referral link to the store and make a qualifying purchase, the credit card company or bank or ebate site will often give you double digit percentage back on your purchase totals. I always shop around though.

    This is another way to add additional savings on top of any other coupon or promotional deals you can find.

    Talk about a nice win/win/win for you, the rebate program administrator, and the merchant.

    This is my personal favorite leveraging strategy for how to save the most money on my online purchases.

    I've been able to effectively knock off over 50% of the purchase price of even very big ticket items bought online.

    Sometimes the savings are so impressive, it feels almost like stealing candy from a baby.

    Try it. You'll lament that you ever payed full price with no coupon code, rebate, or cash-back applied. Those full-price days are over!

    Deep Discounts and Peace of Mind

    Below are many of my frugal shopper tips and tricks that will help you better earn a frugal living and keep more of your hard-earned cash.

    If you are a fiscal Zen Master of finding and applying online coupons, like I am, then you are definitely in the right place to add to your knowledge about frugal shopping with coupon codes and promos.

    I'll show you my Emeril Lagossi method of kicking deals up a notch for huge additional savings.

    Please feel free to share your tips below too if you

    can teach this old thrifty dog some new tricks.

    However, if you are a coupon code novice uninitiated in this most powerful method of how to be frugal while shopping online, then you especially will likely find the below extensive insider tips and resources most enlightening.

    All the information and strategies here will bestow upon you a virtual Masters degree in saving money online using promo codes, rebates, and online coupons.

    Like I said, the religious use of coupon codes has literally saved me thousands of dollars online since I first stumbled upon the retailers' secret little world of digital savings.

    Thus, one of my top frugal living tips is to master (if you havn't already) the benefical art of efficiently searching for, discovering, and applying coupon codes online. That's what this page is for. to make it all click simple.

    Applying coupon codes will allow you to easily save lots of money in this brave new world of 24/7/365 online shopping Nirvana. You are leaving money on the table if you don't use them.

    Shopping and banking online from the comfort of home is a big upside of living in this Twenty-first Century digital Utopia.

    By shopping online, I don't have to waste time waiting in long checkout lines. Online shopping also allows me to save gas money, reduce my carbon footprint, save tons of time, and avoid in-store and on-road stress. And I will never get trampled at Wal-mart on Black Friday!

    Best of all, I get to plug a little code into a little box at checkout and click "apply promo code" to save nice percentages or apply promotional deals for free shipping and even sometimes get free bonus give-aways too.

    I don't typically get those benefits when I shop offline at the brick and mortar retailers who offer little in the way of regular incentives and perks.

    To me, being able to apply Promotional codes while shopping online from the comfort of home is like getting paid extra for extra peace of mind. No downside! So it's a no-brainer, especially for frugal folks like us.

    Though online coupon code use is heading into the mainstream now, a good many online shoppers still invariably pay full retail prices most of the time.

    Many folks are also unaware that online printable coupons and coupon cards are displacing the traditional, tedious, and extremely time-consuming process of finding and clipping coupons from newspapers and circulars.

    The rise of coupon databases and coupon aggregators is also making the process easier. Loadable coupon cards are gaining popularity too.

    I'd much rather CLICK it, than CLIP it!

    Now I'll share some of my other favorite frugal shopping tips for saving and even making some money and extra rebates while you are shopping, browsing, or playing online.

    SwagBucks: Another of My Favorite Ways to Earn Digital Dollars, Find Coupon Codes, Earn Rebates, and a Whole Lot More

    WARNING!   SwagBucks  can be very addictive!

    SwagBucks is very popular among frugal folks as a way to save more bucks AND earn more bucks.

    You can earn for having fun every day online! See my special widget below for a peek.

    SwagBucks awards you digital dollars for many tasks you may be doing every day anyway, such as searching the web, watching videos, taking surveys, or shopping.

    SwagBucks add up fast! The SwagBucks site is also the hub of a thriving community of thousands of other thrifty people.

    There are many fun and easy ways to earn SwagBucks. Here are some of the things that makes Swag Bucks so addictive:

    • Shop and Earn:  Get Coupon Codes and Earn Digital Dollar Rebate Percentages for online purchases.
    • Search. Your web searches can earn you SwagBucks. Fridays are Mega SwagBucks Day.
    • Surveys. Answer simple easy questions or do simple tasks and earn SwagBucks. You can also advance to earning big SwagBucks through SwagBucks Market Research.
    • Vote on Daily Poles. Your vote for questions earns you SwagBucks.
    • Share Photos/Videos. Send in your image or video of what you bought with your SwagBucks for even more SwagBucks.
    • Watch Videos. Watch amazing videos and, yes you guessed it, earn even more SwagBucks.
    • Referrals. Earn matching SwagBucks when your referrals earn search SwagBucks.
    • Special Offers. Earn guaranteed SwagBucks for participating in special offers, such as for taking online surveys, or trying a free trial or local deal. Sometimes you can earn Swag Bucks just for viewing an offer or for free activities.
    • Swag Codes. Find hidden SwagCodes and redeem for rewards. Hint:  Use my below widget which has a Swag Code option on it.
    • Trade-in Books / Video Games. Get paid SwagBucks to de-clutter your home of all those old books and video games you no longer need.
    • SwagStakes. Enter for a chance to win some truly awesome prizes. Here's three current examples: a $100 Amazon Gift Card, and PS3 250GB Uncharted 3: Game of the Year Bundle, Apple iPad Mini 16 GB Wifi. Many fun ways to win!
    • FREE Games. SwagBucks has many fun and interesting free games you can play, such as: Crusher, ZipZap, Drop3, and Pegland. You can also win big in the paid tournaments.
    • SwagBucks Lottery. Enter for chances to win mega SwagBucks prizes.
    • Reward Store. Trade in SwagBucks for all sorts of great merchandise and gift cards - plus reward store sales and promotions too. As of this writing distributed SwagBuck rewards stands at $37,885,708
    • ToolBar. Earn SwagBucks daily just for having the SwagBucks toolbar. earn 3x by doing your searches using the tool bar.

    My Rant About the "Extreme Couponing" Folks on TV

    The impression I've gotten from watching some of the couponing fanatics on Extreme Couponing is that many of them have devoted about 80% of their lives to couponing and most of them appear to suffer from some form of Coupon Obscessive Compulsive Disorder (COCD?).

    One of my pet peeves with the Extreme Couponing folks is that some of them are borderline hoarders and they are conspicuously consuming much more than they need. Large amounts of their living space is taken up in some cases.

    Sure they'd say it's what their family would normally consume. But that's my point, those families are consuming too much.

    I mean 15 bottles of mustard. I think one bottle lasts my family about a year. And a bottle of aspirin lasts about 5 years!

    That brings to mind the issue of expiration dates. Most of the extreme couponers seem pretty organized in their expiration monitoring systems. But all the organization, consolidation, checking, rotation, and worrying has to take a toll.

    Things have a finite lifespan of quality, so inventory is a burden and waste is more likely. That's the cost of maintaining a consumer hoard of store-bought goods.

    Some extreme couponers have even taken out insurance on their stockpiles because there is so much stuff.

    I don't consider someone frugal if they are such gross consumers of needless crap, like all the multitudes of specific (and very toxic) cleaning chemicals.

    I use only baking soda, vinegar, bleach, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap for most all my household cleaning supplies. This saves my health, lots of money, and the environment.

    All the stuff the extreme couponers buy produces excess waste in packaging, residues, and manufacturing pollution from cradle to grave.

    It's always better to consume less.

    Coupons are great; however, focusing on the extreme couponers' lump sums of money saved detracts from the real issue of how they appear to be consuming at such a high level the savings is a catalysts for yet more conspicuous consumption.

    And they really don't save that much when you consider the MASSIVE amount of time and stress needed to work their systems. The cameras glamorize the whole phenomenon by editing out the dark underbelly of it all. Peace of mind is worth a lot and extreme couponing has it's own significant built in costs not obvious to viewers.

    They are part of the reason Americans are seen as resource hobglobins who's conspicuously consumptive lifestyle (on average) would need 5 planet Earth's to sustain if everyone else on the planet did the same. And extreme couponers are NOT average Americans either.

    And there has already been much controversy over some of thier couponing tactics.

    Many of them suspected of allegedly cheating by using coupons for items they were not intended for. on a LARGE SCALE. and leaving empty shelves for those who may have needed that particular item too.

    Coupon fraud also hurts other frugal folks because those product deals will likely be dropped by companies hurt by misuse of coupons. So we all lose out in the long-run. But new coupon technologies are on the horizon which may curb Extreme Couponing tactics and coupon counterfeiting.

    Overall, to me Extreme Couponing looks unethical and socially irresponcible in many cases.

    As I continue my online bargain hunting I make a list of the codes and the deals they correspond to. Then I shop around for codes that will beat those first deals. Most coupon codes will offer a percentage off, but to know how much money you will save off your total or off of the price of a specific item, you have to know how to calculate how many dollars the percentage will result in. Here's how:

    To calculate any percentage of any amount, simply move the percent number's decimal two places to the left and multiply that number by the total price. This will be the total dollars you will save.

    For example, if you find a coupon code from which offers 15% Off your basket total, all you have to do is take 15.0 (there is an implied decimal after any whole number) and move the decimal two places to the left. This will give you 0.15, so all you have to do then is multiply your purchase total at checkout by 0.15 to figure out how much you'll get off. (A culculator is a must-have for effective bargain shopping.)

    So if your purchase total at comes to $125.00, then 15% of that total will be. 0.15 times $125.00 which equals $18.75 Off, and a new reduced total of $106.25 (not accounting for shipping charges).

    But what if offers another coupon code which gives you free shipping on any amount? For the above $125 purchase, shipping is quoted as $30 at checkout. So the better deal would be to use the free shipping coupon because you will effectively save $30 as opposed to just the $18.75 off.

    Most retailers allow you to use only one promotion code at checkout so you often have to figure which code will give you the most bang for your buck. So you will learn that you often have to proceed through the checkout process but NOT complete the final process of placing your order so that you can find out what your total is, plus other fees like shipping. Then use your back button if you have to return and enter a different coupon code.

    Just DON'T complete the order until you have decided which promo combination or code will give you the best deal. You will also want to make sure to verify that the deal has been applied to your total. Then and only then should you complete your transaction at checkout.

    However, sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too, especially around the holidays when site-wide free shipping becomes a common "built-in" promotion, which will then allow you to use a discount code at checkout too. Combine this with the other money savings tips below and you can easily save 50% or more off of your purchases.

    Being "Penny Wise and Pound Stupid" With Coupon Code Analysis Paralysis

    The hunt for the best coupon codes can be very addictive, especially when you learn just how much money you can save instantly. and with no more clipping! And you also have to be careful not to suffer from "analysis paralysis" and obscess over getting that extra 5% off when you've already spent over an hour searching for a better deal.

    The higher the price tag of the item you want, the easier it is to obscess over finding the best online deal code. But if you want to leverage your time most wisely it's better to invest more of your time in finding savings on the large ticket items, than to waste too much time on the miniscule purchases. It's like paying off credit card debt. you should focus on where the percentages work most in your favor mathematically.

    An Online "Profit Sharing Program" for the Kiddies

    Speaking of mathematics. for the best real world lesson in money management, money math, home economics, frugal living, responcible budgeting, smart shopping, work ethic, and the value of a dollar - consider sending the kids on an online scavenger hunt for the best coupon codes for things you or they want to buy online.

    Just think about how much of a directly valuable "homeschooling lesson" this could be. They'll have to learn how to use their deductive reasoning skills and how to creatively "think outside of the box" ("big box retailer" that is). They'll also learn the above outlined valuable lesson of how to calculate percentages to find the best deals.

    Learning to calculate percentages is a key concept that will help them manage money for the rest of their lives - from chosing the best credit card offers and managing debt, to being able to understand the power of compounding interest on the money they will save. And save money they will thanks to their newly learned good habit of religiously using coupon codes for the rest of their online shopping lives.

    So if you finally cave in on taking that once-in-a-lifetime family vacation to Disney World, renting that luxery beachfront home on Anguilla, taking a family cruise around the world, or you just want to order some groceries from, why not get the kids involved in finding the best deals on hotels, tickets, food, travel, and attractions.

    Incentivize the lesson by making it clear that the more money they help the family save with coupon codes and deals, the more perks the trip will afford for them. Give them a vested interest in the family's finances and teach them the upside to being money wise and frugal. Instead of an allowance, develop a "profit sharing program" for the kids and share with them the savings and perks they will reap as they become increasingly savvy coupon code hunters and budding personal finance prodigies.

    In the process they will learn how to live life on their terms rather than those of others. Put them on track to a life of being financially independant. that's the REAL American dream. Get them started early and the good habits will multiply like the dollars they will continue to save.

    Persistence and Redundancy Often Pays Off With Coupon Codes

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