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Auto Title Loans San Diego

Auto Title Loans San Diego | Title Loans

Your title loan amount will be based on assessment of the vehicle.

Keep your car and drive it.

Get cash on the same day and sometimes within 1 hour!

Auto Title Loans San Diego does not do a credit check.

Auto Title Loans San Diego has helped numerous people achieve many things that weren’t otherwise possible. Several clients of ours have used our money to start businesses. We recently did a loan on a Mercedes G500 and lent our client $10,000. He used this loan to start his own alignment shop in Chula Vista, CA.

We helped one woman who had a 2003 Cadillac CTS get a $5000.00 loan and she needed the money to get her mother out of a nursing home which was mistreating her and into better care.

Another great story we can share with you is how we just gave a $5000.00 loan to a young man who had just proposed to his wife and needed the money

to put on a venue he was getting for his wedding.

My name is Rob and I am the owner of this company. When I first started this business, I had heard so many bad things about this industry. After experiencing it myself, I realized 90% of it wasn’t true. Giving people car title loans has felt very rewarding in most cases. I am helping people that cannot go anywhere else because of credit issues or other problems. Call us anytime to set an appointment so we can assess your car and situation. Its always better to know your options than staying in the dark about it.

We are not here to try to repossess your car. We are happy making an income off of the interest alone and prefer to stay away from the headaches of repossessions. We try our very best to avoid this. Thank you for considering Auto Title Loan San Diego for your next loan.

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