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I've been sending money to my relatives with Western Union at this location for years. I don't know what's wrong with WU online, which offers a service over telephone at a triple price. At this location I always get an advertised price and impeccable execution of an order. It's not crowded by the way.

First time I went was ok. Didn't go for a year and had to refile info and not get my check cashed because my address on my ID was Santa Ana. A year later my ID now says lake forest. they rolled out the red carpet. Had to redo all info again (3rd time). Personal check they wanted to cash at 10% fee. I said hell no. but the cool pony tail dude gave me the standard 1.5%. He's the only knowledgable guy there BTW.   CONS. they make you get a netspend prepaid card. (B.S.)They also do not store your info for more than a years time.

 And they did not notify me of the netspend card at all. Maybe it's in the fine print. But I'm sent one every time I have to use them once a year.  Overall OK/FAIR

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