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I shouldn't even have to be writing this.  I mean really, I think of myself as a (semi) responsible person.

I had no more more checks in my checkbook (which is funny b/c I don't write many anymore) and needed to send off some money.

My daughter and I had to go into Madison today anyway so after running our errands and before going to get ice cream @ Ellas', I stop here as it says free money orders.  Free is good, but, as we all know nothing is free and everything comes at a price.

Scene 1:  Here we are, my daughter and I enter and stand in line.

We are greeted with a line, a woman who looks like she got up out of bed and came in to cash her check talking about some REALLY personal info on her cell phone with crust in her eyes, and only 2 workers working.  10 available windows.  2 on duty workers.

Okay, moving on.

Scene 2:  3rd guy in line has an annoying ring tone (y'all don't hear me - I said ANNOYING) of a song that made me stop listening to certain stations (because as Sagat sang "Funk Dat") "hearing the same 5 songs 15 times

a day, for three months. "

I mean seriously, you're in a place of (what looks like) business having your phone and text ringers going off all over the line like roaches after a nuclear explosion.  Learn three words buddy:  "Vibrate" and "Silent Mode"

Scene 3:  Another worker comes in and asks to be buzzed in.  She gets to her station and yells, "anyone who only needs a money order?  Money Order only?"

The rolling of the eyes, and the sucking of the teeth begin and grow loud, I look around to see if anyone ahead of me moves.  They don't.  Let's hit it, I hop through the bars and approach the counter get my money order and we bounce.

Climax:  While waiting in line I observed my surroundings.  So, I've got some suggestions.

It looks like this place could have a lot going; money orders, sending/receiving money/check cashing/paying bills, etc. I'm wondering since I see these all over the place in a lot of cities if certain windows should handle certain business.

* Sigh *

I say to you Yelpers, I will NEVER run out of personal checks EVER again.  I should have just gone to the post office with an extra dollar and change for a good ol' fashioned USPS money order.

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