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Posted: June 23, 2011

Let's say you have an urgent need for money right now and payday is almost a week and a half away, what do you do?

    Ask your parents for a loan? - Not a good idea. Ask a friend for a loan? - Been there and done that, they are in as bad of shape as you are. Go to a bank and ask for a loan? - Too much paper work and probably will get denied due to their strict lending requirements. See if your employer will give you an advance on your pay? - No company policy for that, plus you don't want the embarrassment. Sell the title on your car? - Well, I don't really need that much money right now. Just need a few hundred dollars to get me buy until payday. Go to a local payday loan type lender? - Inconvenient, takes a lot of time and you run the risk of being seen by someone you know. Pawn some of your stuff? - Don't really have anything you want to give up. Get a cash advance on your credit card? - Nope, already maxed out there. Plus, that interest rate is pretty high also. Go online and get a no payday loan. - Great idea.

Just Need Help Fast.

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Quick Loan Same Day

What is a No Payday Loan?

A lot of people have occasional times when their payday is just too far away to take care of that urgent need they have because the car broke down, an unexpected doctor visit was required, a utility bill is long past due or some other unexpected incident has occurred.

Payday loans were designed specifically for these types of short term money needs. Like their name implies you don't have a payday yet (no payday) but do intent to pay off your emergency loan when you get your next payday; unless between the time of the loan and payday you make other long term arrangements with the lender.

Payday loans have become quite popular because you can apply for one online in a matter of minutes, the loans are usually approved quickly and your cash is delivered promptly.

Cash Money Payday Loan

Payday loans are also know as "No Payday Loans", "Fast Cash Loans", "Payday Loans with No Credit Check", "Faxless Payday Loans", "No Hassle Payday Loans", "Same Day Payday Loans", "Cash Money Payday Loans" as well as "Payday Cash Loans". Different companies have different terms and conditions but basically they make short term, quick loans to tide you over until your next payday.

What Constitutes a Payday?

Most lenders will make a payday loan when your income is from:

    Employment Self-employment Social Security Pension Disability

So, don't think you have to have what we all think of as the typical "job".

What Other Information Might You Need to Supply?

To complete a typical application online you won't need a lot of documents. It is a short application form which will usually ask for the following items to be completed:

    Full Name Current living address and phone number Length of time at this address Email Address Date of Birth Driver's License ID and State of Issue Employer or source of income - most lenders do not contact your employer, there is really little reason to because today's privacy laws prevent employer's from doing much more than just verifying your employment at their company. Months Employed Type of Income (Employment, Social Security, Disability, Pension, Self Employed) How often you get paid, what your next payday date is and how your receive your paycheck (direct deposit, check, other) Your monthly income Information about your checking or savings account where you want your loan deposited

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get a Payday Loan or Small Personal Loan?

You must be at least 18 years old.

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

If this is your first loan then you are usually limited to a

few hundred dollars. After successful repayment of your first loan then lenders will tend to allow a larger loan amount. Some lenders will actually loan up to $10,000.

Cash With No Credit Check.

Do I Have to Have Good Credit to Get a Payday Loan? No, most lenders do not decline your loan just because of your poor traditional credit scores, nor do many of them even do a credit check.

Alternative Fees and Costs

Even though a Payday Loan or Small Personal Loan will cost you money in the form of interest, not borrowing this money may cost you also. If you don't pay that unexpected high utility bill and your utilities are disconnected then there is a reconnect fee that will have to be paid. Incurring overdraft fees from your bank may actually be more than you will pay in interest on your payday loan. There is an article on Wikipedia that gives some good alternative fee comparisons.

How Long Will It Take Me to Get My Small Personal Loan?

The typical response to this is that most approved applicants will have their money within 24 hours unless it is a weekend or holiday. However, some lenders will have your money to you within just hours.

How Long After I Pay Off My First Loan Before I Can Get Another Loan?

Normally when you repay your loan it takes a couple of business days for your payment to clear the lenders bank account. Once it clears you can typically receive a new loan with that lender or another one in the network of lenders.

Why Do I Have to Give Private Information Online to Receive a No Payday Loan?

All online payday lenders put your privacy and security at the top of their list.

Some of the information you are asked to enter is used to verify your identity and your bank information is necessary for depositing your loan amount.

Apply For A Payday Loan Online

Ready to apply for your No Payday Loan. Then do it now so you can have the money you need to handle that unexpected bill or crisis that you have.

Saving As Well As Borrowing

It may be necessary for you to get a Payday Loan to help with your current situation but you want to prevent getting yourself from making a habit out of this form of solution to your problem by either increasing your income or saving on your expenses.

Go get your payday loan and then come back here to learn about how to earn extra money from home to help you with paying your bills and improving your lifestyle.

You can also earn rewards from home that can be traded for gift cards, etc. with which you can purchase a lot of the items that you are currently having to pay for out of your tight budget. It will also be nice to get a little something extra for you or your children once in a while.

The other way that you can help improve your financial situation is to save money when you buy groceries, eat out at fast food restaurants, make purchases at retail stores, etc. The best way to do this is with coupons.

Coupons no longer have to be clipped from the newspapers or magazines. You can go online and find free coupons for grocery and many other items.

Fast Cash Payday Loan Online

Short payday loans are meant to be an easy way to handle an unexpected bill or crisis that takes money to resolve. They are not meant to be a long term recurring source for money.

Payday loans and Small Personal Loans, as with all loans (unless you can get one free from your parents) require that you pay interest on the money borrowed for the period (number of days or months) that you have the money. Keep in mind that this interest is an additional expense for you that comes out of your budget.

So, it is prudent on your part to repay your No Payday Loan as soon as you get your paycheck or according to your extended terms and only rely on this source of fast money for truly unexpected bills or emergencies.

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