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On 17 Sept. 13, I received a call from a company (Legal Check Recovery Service). The man identified himself as Richard **, phone number (512)541-1534. He identified a case number ** related to the loan of $840.00 that was taken out from a company known as Pay Day Loan Yes. He indicated the loan account was ** and that the transaction took place on 22 Dec. 2010. Further, he stated that the transaction was done over the internet. He implicated felony charges will be brought against me if I do not resolve the matter within 24 hours. He indicated the settlement amount would be $1,540.00.

I have read all of the comments here about how has been ripping people off. They go under many names and the newest one, I believe, is USA Cash Express. Please don't be worried about this company. This is one of the biggest scams going on the internet and I can't wait for the day that these thieves are bought down. I had the same experience as most of you. I live on a fixed income, am disabled and needed cash. I applied for the loan online, sent the pay stubs and bank info and waited for a response. I got a call right away after applying online and was told that I was approved for $300.

After reviewing the fees and looking them up at the BBB, I decided not to take the money. Imagine my surprise when the money was in my account the next day. I was furious because I, too, did not give them authorization. There was no electronic signature, etc. Anyway, I closed my account completely the very next day and the only way that I could close the account was to take out the $300 that they put in my account with me. I had no choice because I knew what was coming after researching them, which is something I should have done first.

I contacted them the next day and asked how I could return their money. They stated that I would have to give them my new bank info. I told them I hadn't opened a new account and if they wanted their money, then I needed an address in order to return it to them via cashier's check or money order. Naturally, they didn't have one. Long story short, I moved to another state and started getting my SSD checks via mail. Of course, that is about to change as of 3/1/2013 so I'm not sure about opening another account in another state, because I had read stories of other victims who had done the same thing and somehow these thieves found a way to get into their new accounts as well.

I'm sure it's because they have our SS#'s. I had so many phone calls from them all stating the same thing; they were going to sue me, called me names, threaten to go to my work, etc. After talking to Bonnie, Anthony and who knows else, they put some official-sounding guy on the phone who said he was an attorney. Please do not be intimidated

by these thieves. They can't take you to court because then they would be exposing themselves for what they are. They finally quit calling me when I told them to please take me to court, that I would like nothing better than to expose you.

I also reported it to the police and kept all documentation. I even told the police that I had their money and after finding out what crooks they were, I didn't feel a bit guilty about keeping the money, but the truth is, I'm an honest person and would have gladly given them their money back had they just given me an address. I would still give them their money back to this day, but I would be lying if I said I didn't get a good feeling knowing that someone had scammed them for a change, especially after reading how much they had ripped off other people.

The dark side of me says to advice you all to get the loan, then go close your account the next day and take their money, but it's not ethical for me to tell you to do that. However, if enough people did it to them, perhaps we would put them out of business once and for all. It's just a little scary knowing that a number assigned to you for life has the ability to make your life a living hell once it lands in a crook's hand. My fervent prayer is that we find a way to police these cyber criminals, and I have to say that I find it a bit ironic that you can trace an IP address, but you can't find a physical address to catch them.

The best way to deal with these crooks is not to deal with them at all. We all get in desperate situations where we need money but never do it online. If they continue to hassle you with threats of being sued, coming to workplace, etc. then tell them to go ahead and take you to court. I guarantee that you won't hear from them again. However, you will still have to close your account and wherever you open a new one at, be sure to tell the new bank about this or better yet pay the extra $5 fee for identity theft protection.

This week alone, there were numerous reports about identity theft and some who were caught in Newark, NJ. It seems like some are being caught, but there are plenty more waiting and willing to try and scam people by sitting on their ** all day instead of getting a job like everyone else. The bottom line is that desperate people are the easiest prey and I know, because I've been there. I hope this helps ease some of your burden where this is concerned. Just please go and close your accounts now. I know that it's probably inconvenient but your pocketbook will thank you. If you really didn't sign the electronic signature, which by the way could be pulled off your hard drive for proof, then stand your ground and tell them to sue away. God bless!

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