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Scottsdale Loan Company prides itself on being the best pawn shop Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, or Paradise Valley has to offer. What truly separates us from the market is the fact that we’re less a pawn shop, and more a collateral loan provider, otherwise known as a pawn loan. Pawn shops typically specialize in servicing many of small loans based on an item’s value that is left with the store. Scottsdale Loan Company does the same, but for higher value items. We happily will loan on items with a value of up to $100,000.00. So, we’re ready to make actual pawn loans against your items that will actually help you provide and get you the money you need. What kinds of items do we loan against?

The History of Pawn Shops and Pawnbroking

Throughout all of time has there been a need for an individual to borrow money. Whether it was for food, clothing, alcohol, or whatever the case, people have always needed to borrow money. Before the advent of banks and credit scores, how were you supposed to borrow money? There was no way for someone to know if they could trust you, so you simply didn’t borrow money.

This is where the advent of pawn brokering and the pawn shop come into play. The idea of a pawn shops is that they can loan money to anyone, because what they really offer are pawn loans. These are loans that are based solely on collateral. An individual brings in an item, has it appraised, and then is made an offer for what the pawn shop can loan on it. These pawn loans make pawn shops much more comfortable in loaning money to total strangers, because individual’s inherently want to come back and get the collateral they put up.

The first pawn shops recorded in history were constructed in China way back in the 5 th century. What’s interesting about our modern view on pawn shops is that in ancient China, these “pawn shops” were run by Buddhist monasteries. They worked in exactly the same way pawn shops work now; people came down, presented their items, and then were given a cash offer on their item for loan. They paid monthly interest until they had paid off the entire loan.

What’s also interesting to consider when talking of pawn shops is the strict regulations they must go through to not only be a licensed pawn shop, but to even be able to offer pawn loans. Each state in the United States of America has its own, unique, separate regulations that instruct what a pawn shop is truly allowed to do in their power. These laws control things like maximum interest rates, pawn loan duration, etc. Even during the advent of the first pawn shops in the 5 th century, these Buddhist ran pawn shops were subject to almost the same level of regulation that we experience today.

Arizona Pawn Shop Regulations

There’s many regulations that a pawn shop simply doesn’t concern their customers with. These range from interest rates, to who you can give pawn loans to, to how much money you can lend. First, what overrules all the state regulations, is the federal regulations.

  • The Patriot Act – Attempts to stifle terrorism by not allowing anyone without a government-issued ID to acquire a pawn loan from a pawn shop
  • Truth in Lending Act – A pawn shop has to inform you of all the terms of your loan, such as interest, and all of the consequences involved of not paying
  • Federal Trade Commission – Rules to protect your personal information such as name, address, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information.
    Internal Revenue Service – Any pawn loans issued over $10,000.00 must be reported to the IRS.

The federal regulations aren’t that demanding, but due put a lot of rules in place meant to solely protect the consumer. Now, let’s take a look at the regulations that Arizona itself has put into place to further protect the consumer in Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley.

Interest – Arizona law dictates that interest cannot exceed 13% for the first two months of the pawn loan, and 11% for every month thereafter. This differs from state to state.

Fees – To begin the pawn loan process, you cannot be charged more than $5. You also cannot be charged more than $5 a month to store the item.

Licensing – In order to be a pawn broker, the individual seeking to get licensed must submit fingerprints and all past criminal history to the Sheriff’s Department before they can be licensed.

The Arizona regulations and Federal regulations are in place solely to protect the consumer. Regardless of your experience with a pawn loan, the law is always on your side and is there to protect you.

Auto Title Loans

Have a car? Need fast cash? Then we can help! Whether you’re in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, or Paradise Valley, you can get the fast cash you need TODAY with an auto title loan from Scottsdale Loan Company. An auto title loan is a quick, painless, hassle-free way to turn your car into money, and continue to drive it to work. All it takes is a clean title, a form of ID, and the keys in your hand, and you can walk away with cash. For the best auto title loan Scottsdale has to offer, come visit Scottsdale Loan Company today.

Truly Inexpensive, Fast Cash

Many look at auto title loans as an unaffordable expense that can very quickly bankrupt you. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Accidents can very quickly catch us by surprise, and leave us in a very deep financial hole with only a few days to go until payday. Who do you call when this happens?

The Bank? They’re not going to give you a loan in a day.

Ask Family? Don’t we wish it was that easy.

The answer is simple: an auto title loan. While the interest on an auto title loan can seem slightly scary at first, it’s not when what you need is only for a few days. Here at Scottsdale Loan Company. we can proudly give you a low interest rate. and will also even prorate your interest rate for the short term loan that you need. This makes for a short term loan that’s: a) painless and fast(less than an hour of wait time to get approved) b) cheap – the interest and fees you pay are nominal and worth paying to

alleviate stress. An auto title loan is a great short term loan solution, and can be just enough to hold you over until payday. This is very different from a payday loan, and will exist on your vehicle instead. Auto title loans are offered through our provider: Phoenix Title Loans, LLC .

A Company You Can Trust

Scottsdale Loan Company is a pawn shop offering auto title loans, but how can you trust a pawn shop with your vehicle? Well, the easy answer is that Scottsdale Loan Company isn’t the one servicing your auto title loan! All of our auto title loans, boat title loans, RV title loans, and motorcycle title loans, are offered through Phoenix Title Loans, LLC. a trusted, respected auto title loan provider with 10 Locations Near You and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Your vehicle is in the hands of Phoenix Title Loans, LLC. and Scottsdale Loan Company is just here to make the process that much easier for you. So, whether you’re in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, or Paradise Valley, come get fast cash with an auto title loan today.

Motorcycle Title Loans

RV Title Loans

Scottsdale Loan Company is no longer simply the best pawn shop Scottsdale, Tempe, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, have to offer, but it’s also able to offer pawn loans on RVs! Our pawn shop is happy to get you an RV Title Loan the exact same way that we would give an auto title loan on a car. You can get fast cash in the same simple, painless way that anyone else would, and not have to worry about getting a pawn loan against the car you need and drive every day. Your RV only sees the light of day when it’s that time of the summer you and your family go on vacation. Why not turn it into fast cash today instead of letting it sit and collect dust?

The Jewelry Buyer Scottsdale Trusts

Many people fail to view pawn shops as full-fledged jewelry buyers. The fact of the matter is: Scottsdale Loan Company IS a jewelry buyer. In fact, our favorite pawn loans and pawn items to deal with are jewelry! Gold, silver, platinum, whatever it is, we love to buy jewelry no matter what it is. With over a decade of jewelry experience, our trained professionals will appraise your jewelry and get you the most for your money. We truly are the top jewelry buyer Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix and Paradise Valley has to offer.

Our team of professionals have been in the jewelry buying business for over a decade, and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to jewelry, particularly diamonds. Diamond jewelry has kept its value for over a millennia, and will continue to into the next. This makes diamonds not only a good investment, but also a good sell. Diamonds are truly valuable, and when you’re looking to buy diamonds, we’re here to help.

Estate Jewelry

Scottsdale Loan Company is happy to make pawn loans on estate jewelry that has been sitting around, or has been passed down to you throughout the years. Being an estate jewelry buyer allows us to carry a large inventory of jewelry, but also to offer you the best prices for fast cash for your estate jewelry. Whether you’re in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, or Paradise Valley, we can get you the fast cash for your estate jewelry.

Worried about selling your estate jewelry, but need the money? No problem! We’re proud to offer estate jewelry pawn loans that will allow you to get the full value for your estate jewelry, but then give you the option to pay it back without having to worry your precious estate jewelry being lost forever.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a very risky item to purchase. While it’s nice to get a diamond engagement ring for the one you love, sometimes it’s a rather large investment that, despite your love, you just can’t always be so sure about. Scottsdale Loan Company is the ONLY jewelry store in the entire state that offers you TWO deals when you buy a diamond engagement ring:

1) Our 30-day return policy guarantees your full cash-value back for your ring, no questions asked, if for whatever reason you don’t need it anymore;

2) Within a year, we’ll still buy back the engagement ring for 80% of the original value that you paid for it.

We offer these services so that buying an engagement ring doesn’t have to be a scary process for you. With two separate return policies that cover you for over a year, you can be almost sure that no matter what happens, your cash investment is covered.

We’ll also buy engagement rings! No matter what kind of engagement ring, our jewelry store is happy to make you a cash offer on an engagement ring. We pride ourselves on being able to pay the most cash value for engagement rings and diamonds in general in all of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Tempe. There’s no ring too large for us, and no cash value too large for you.

Gold, Silver, and Platinum

Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. Gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, it doesn't matter to us: we'll buy all of it. What we're also very keen on is buying gold. Gold is a solid investment that has been valuable for multiple millenia, and will continue to be valuable in the future. We'll buy gold at the highest price offered anywhere in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, or Tempe.

Gold prices are at an all-time high in the last few years, with many more people realizing the value of having gold as an investment, but also selling their gold to get fast cash. We buy all gold, and are experts at appraising it. If you don't believe us, come and get a quote, and then go and visit all the nearby stores that will also "buy gold for the most cash" and we can almost guarantee to beat their price every single time.

Silver and platinum also make valuable investments, and can net you that fast cash you need. Perhaps you're just curious what your old silver jewelry or platinum jewelry is worth, and could use the extra cash. Then, pay a visit down to Scottsdale Loan Company and get fast cash your old used jewelry. No matter what it's made of, any precious gems, we're here to give you the most cash for gold, silver, and platinum.

We are located in a discreet, secure, upscale office building in North Scottsdale, Arizona, off Raintree Drive and Loop 101.

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