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I purchase my money order on July 3rd of 2015 with my credit card to pay my rent and on July 3rd of 2015 me and my 16 yr. old daughter walked around to our apartment office. They were closed due to the holiday. I put the money order into the night deposit box. It was fill out by me to the apartment and on that money. I had to go to work on that Monday July 6th so I called the apartment office after 9 am to make sure that everything was good and to let them know that I will be in to pick up my receipt when I get off work.

I had been dealing with this company for almost 3 yrs. I took out a loan back to back and forgot looking at wrong paperwork. However rep called me told me I was behind and agreed to pick the payment up. I even stated to them they can take it out my account. They refused. We had crazy whether she never showed. Unintentionally forgetting my car was no longer working after months past by due to numerous deaths in family and friends dying all around me hadn't thought about it. Mind you I took out triple this amount and paid them back in full wasn't the issue couldn't pay I honestly forgot about the loan. After that contact 3 months from when I first received the loan, I never got any letters reminding me of owing them.

May 13 2014, I was in my kitchen I heard my gate open. I looked out I seen this big huge truck with lights so I went out I quickly ran back in looking for my keys in this panicking moment ran back out by the drivers side of my car. I waited as he step down approaching the yard. I'm talking to him asking him who are you and what are you doing he says, "I'm taking this car." I said can you show me paperwork? He says, "I ain't showing you sugar. This is my freaking car, you ain't pay so I'm taking it. I said ''you're not taking my car.'' I yelled Romeo. He attempted hooking the left tire. Two daughters 12&16 outside was out there. I quickly ran to the other side holding on the tire making, when he came over

he started telling me to let it go. I said Sir car was stolen before from a tow truck company, can you at least please show me something a license paperwork. He wouldn't. I ask can he at least wait for the police to come.

He pulled his gun pointing it to my head. "I'm taking this car watch me". My daughters seen it in my face before I did, then I looked up and seen it cause of yelling. Romia scream, "don't shoot my moma," he then pointed it at her. She's pleading saying, "sir please, I'm just telling you please don't shoot moma" crying and she fell to the ground. I didn't see her nowhere. I noticed Diamond right by me saying, |Mom please move" Hysterically Diamond said as she was tapping my hand scarcely "he gonna shoot you. Mom please, move mom. Don't touch him, just don't touch him." I guess she was saying that cause he was saying "don't, nobody touch the car, one more time I'm shooting." He put it in his holster and get on the ground hooking the tire. When he stood up, kids dad started to ask him "sir what's going on?"

He pulled it out again, I'm tired of you ** pointed it at him. My daughter jump in front of her dad as he's just holding his hands put telling the guy we had a car stolen can you just show her a paperwork that's all. He still cussing us out as my child is pleading for him to not kill anyone waving his gun. "I'll shoot out you ** in the head. He said so many derogatory names we were monkeys. It was horrible. After talking to the police company telling them about the conflict. I told them you know you owe and has no problem paying but I'm not paying for this man they sent to my house that clearly has issues portion for so call towing my car. He told me he has a gun and permission to use it. Wow. he didn't feel threatened and if so why did he hook the car up after the second time of putting your weapon back in the holster. Later found out he had a bad day earlier so he was looking for someone to take it out on just so happened to be me and my family. Wow.

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