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I want an online payday loan but only have a savings account where can i go?

payday loan with only savings account

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Do you have access to the Internet? Then you are just a few clicks away from getting cash! You simply need to fill out simple and easy forms. You will need to provide the lender with some personal information. You can read their privacy policy, which safeguards your personal information with them. They do not share it. It is secure and confidential. Once the information is sent across to the lender, they will do verification and approve your loan via an e-mail confirmation in a matter of a few minutes.

As everything is processed electronically, no faxing is required at all. No paperwork will need to be faxed that makes the whole process a lot easier. Some lenders may use teletrack to cross check your credit history, others may simply

ring you or your employer to ensure that your details are correct.

The loaned amount can vary from $100 to $1000. It can be more for customers who have a long association with a particular lender. The cash is usually wired to your savings account overnight.

The annual percentage rate is mentioned clearly on the lender's website, as per state directive. In regards to the repayment, some lenders may give you several repayment options; you can pay them by cash or postdated check, which will go for clearance on the next payday. Another option is to give them authorization to take the payment from your bank account on the due date automatically. You also have an option to ask them for a rollover to the next payday, on payment of a fee.

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