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Payday loan yes

payday loan yes

A payday loan overnight. Wow! Through a stroke of good luck, I won this company in a court battle and realized that I could use it to help my fellow women. Today, women still make only 77 cents to every dollar that men make for the same, if not more difficult work. On the average, a black woman with a college level education makes less than a middle-aged white man with only a high school level education. We have all experienced a time where there just isn't enough money to pay the bills, repair the car, babysitting, dating, you name it. If there were just a way that one could get an advance on her paycheck.

We help women get money quickly over the Internet in a secure and dignified manner. One no longer has to go to

seedy check stores in bad areas of town in the public eye.

The only requirements are:

Active Bank Account

A Job or Benefits

18 years of age

You could have funds in your bank account as early as the next banking day.

Men may apply but we will deduct 23% from your income to put you on an even paying field with women (just joking).

How does this work? First: apply online by clicking the "Apply Now" button or the "Payday Loan Application" link. Your application will be given immediate attention and can be approve in a few minutes. If none of our lenders respond to your application we send your application in to be hand processed by a real human being. You can apply 24 hours a day online.

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