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100 Day Loans Review

100 payday loans

Fee Per $100: $10.99*

Loan Period: Up to 100 days*

Pros: Get up to $1000 within hours, bad credit OK, you may get up to 100 days to repay, usually no faxing required, access to their 122 lender network.

How Does 100 Day Loans Compare To Other Payday Loan Lenders?

We ranked 100 Day Loans #1 this year for providing the best loan rate and repayment terms by taping into their very large network of payday loan lenders and for having an excellent lender rating. See our Top 10 Best Payday Loan Lenders List to see how they rank against the other online payday loan lenders.

Full Review of 100 Day Loans

In today’s tough economic times, it is hard to handle all of the expenses with a fixed income source. That’s why there are so many companies offering payday loans to people in need. 100 Day Loans is one of these companies, but its different than its competitors because it has highly competitive fees, a fast approval time, and a VeriSign SSL Encrypted application that guarantees your information is safe. In addition, the 100 Day Loans website is very easy to navigate and contains all the necessary information required for people to acquire a short term loan. All these features make 100 Day Loans a perfect choice if you want to borrow money for any unexpected emergencies.

One thing notable about 100 Day Loans – the design of their interface is somewhat similar to Facebook. So besides getting fast cash from 100 Day Loans, applying for your loan will be an intuitive process if you already use Facebook.

Features of 100 Day Loans

  • 7 minute application
  • Easy, secured two steps to follow
  • Interface similar to the design of Facebook
  • VeriSign 256-bit encryption technology
  • Usually no faxing of documents required
  • Get a cash loan up to $1,000
  • Some lenders in their network offer 100 day loan repayment terms
  • Connect with 100 Day Loans via social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Loan Process

The quick and easy loan process begins with a simple online application. You don’t have to make phone calls or bring your important documents anywhere. Just visit their website ( and fill out a couple of forms. 100 Day Loans features VeriSign 256-bit encryption technology, so your personal information is completely protected, online and offline.

The entire process consists of two easy, secure and fast steps.

  • Step 1: Choose the amount you want to borrow, fill in your first and last name, email address and zip code. Click on the green button “Get your $$$ now!”
  • Step 2: Provide details about your personal information, employment status, and bank account information. Personal information includes address, date of birth, social security number, etc. Employment status includes your detailed work information, salary status, payday date, and such. Bank account info is for you to receive and repay the loan.

Now you can just sit back and wait, and your application will be processed in just seconds.

The great thing about 100DayLoans is that there is often no need to fax any documents, unlike some other payday loan companies out there. After all, a fax machine is not always accessible for everyone. For this reason, 100DayLoans has made applying for a payday loan simpler and faster.

Loan Repayment Process

Some lenders within the 100 Day Loans network of lenders offer 100 day loan

repayment terms, but those preferential terms are usually reserved for clients with the best credit score and employment history. The payoff balance includes principal amount and interest. That amount is automatically withdrawn from the bank account once you get your next pay check. In case you can’t pay the loan in full, you can setup a payment plan, but this will involve additional charges.

Since different lenders have different options, make sure you are clear about loan repayment terms with your lender, so that there are no problems later on. Whatever option you choose, there is not much that you have to do. The lender will automatically deduct that amount from your account – simple as that. So when your next payday arrives, the principal plus interest and fees will be deducted from your account.

Requirements to Get Loan

To get a payday loan from 100 Day Loans, you have to be a legal adult (over 18 years of age), have a social security number, and proof of employment. Additionally, you shouldn’t have any bounced checks in your checking account. Keep in mind that 100 Day Loans is just a loan broker that connects you with one of the 122 lenders in their network. Each lender will have different requirements, and you must fulfill them in order to get a loan.

You often don’t need to fax any documents, and there are typically no legal formalities required. It’s common for anyone to get short on cash and struggle with unexpected expenses at times, 100 Day Loans can sure be the relief you have been looking for.

100 Day Loans Customer Support

There is a toll free number you can call to apply for a loan. For any other inquiries, you can email them. 100 Day Loans promises to respond to emails within 24-48 hours. The company is located at Scottsdale, Arizona, but there is no exact address of the company on their website.

There is no live chat or any other forms of 24 hour customer support available. However, you can connect with 100 Day Loans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

100 Day Loans Pros

  • They search through more than 122 lenders to get you the best loan
  • Easy, simple and secured steps for application
  • Usually no legal filings and no faxing required
  • You may get up to 100 days to repay your loan

100 Day Loans Cons

  • 24 hour customer support only via phone and email
  • Not all lenders within their network offer 100 day repayment terms

About 100 Day Loans

100 Day Loans is not a direct lender of payday loans, but they do remunerate us when we send new customers to them. Instead of constituting an offer to lend, the website offers a service to connect you with a lender that can provide you with a competitive short term loan. The service of 100 Day Loans is not available in certain states, including Arizona, Arkansas, Oregon, Georgia, and West Virginia. The company is located at Scottsdale Arizona, but no detailed address is given on their website.

Learn more about 100 Day Loans at

Additional Notes For 100 Day Loans

* This is the actual loan rate and repayment terms I received when I applied for my payday loan through 100 Day Loans. I have excellent credit and a great employment history though. These are two important factors for getting the best terms available.

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