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These local insolvency trustees can provide you with a Free and No Risk consultation at their office or over the phone.

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BC Bankruptcy Information and other Debt Solutions:

We offer a full range of insolvency services covering business and consumer bankruptcies and proposals. We have offices in throughout BC. We are pleased to give people struggling with debts personalized service to help you understand the laws and the rights that you are provided under the BC insolvency laws. To begin building a secure financial future you can discuss your debts and finances with one of our trustees. We will provide you with basic bankruptcy information and explain to you any options or other debt relief options that are available to you.

Many individuals will have difficulties with their finances at some time in their life. Fortunately, we have a team of local BC bankruptcy trustees that will be able to provide you with several solutions to your debt problems. Certain problems our trustees have experience with include:

  • Harassment from your creditors relating to overdue accounts and late payments;
  • Borrowing from 1 credit card to pay off another credit card;
  • Living payday to payday;
  • Subject to legal action or garnishment of wages;
  • Making minimum payments on credit card debt;
  • Exceeding spending limits;
  • Problems with health, family or job performance.

Our BC bankruptcy trustees help people manage and resolve severe financial problems. Our BC bankruptcy trustees understand how stressful this situation can be and know how to help. Our goal is to guide people through a very difficult time and help them move towards a brighter, more financially secure future.

When you schedule a risk free BC bankruptcy evaluation you can discuss your finances and income to help our trustees help you identify your options and begin on the road to a fresh start with a secure future that is financially sound. In addition to helping you file bankruptcy, our local trustees can help you with:

  • Making a consumer proposal to your creditors;
  • Making a budgeting plan;
  • Debt Counselling;
  • Settlements with a third party and your creditors; and
  • Refinancing your debts into one manageable (and low interest) loan.

Important BC bankruptcy information for your protection:

While you require the services of a trustee in bankruptcy to

go bankrupt, going bankrupt is not the only matter that an insolvency trustee can assist you with. Our BC bankruptcy trustees are well trained and ethical professionals who will always give you the best advice possible, even if it would mean that you do not use our services.

Our BC bankruptcy trustees are licensed and regulated by the Government and must follow a strict code of ethics. Bankruptcy trustees are the only debt professionals who can provide a full range of financial solutions. Furthermore, bankruptcy trustees are the only debt relief experts who can guarantee protection from creditor harassment and collection attempts.

In the case that you decide to file bankruptcy or make a proposal to your creditors, the BC bankruptcy laws allow you to keep up to $31,000 of your personal assets:

  • Equity in a home in Greater Vancouver and Victoria = $12,000. In the rest of the province = $ 9,000;
  • Equity in Household items = $ 4,000;
  • A vehicle exemption is available only if the value of the vehicle does not exceed $5,000; The vehicle exemption drops to $2,000 if the debtor is behind on child care payments (to facilitate the enforcement of Maintenance Orders)
  • Equity in work tools = $ 10,000;
  • Equity in essential clothing and medical aids is unlimited.
  • Exemptions are in effect for all registered retirement savings plans (RRSP's, RRIF's and DPSP's (Deferred Profit Sharing Plans). Contributions made in the 12 months prior to the date of bankruptcy will be recovered (clawed back) for the benefit of the bankruptcy estate.

Filing a BC bankruptcy or a BC proposal will stop actions by creditors such as:

  • Collection Calls;
  • Garnishee of your pay; and
  • Creditors seizing your assets.

Please be aware that our site only provides a general overview of BC insolvency and other debt relief options. Please schedule a confidential consultation with a local trustee to get a detailed overview of your finances and the debt relief solutions that would be available to you based on your income, debts and assets.

Most individuals who go bankrupt or make a consumer proposal are hard working and honest people who have lost a job, gotten divorced, or have fallen ill and only resort to going bankrupt after struggling to repay their bills. Our trustees have helped many people in these situations. There is no need to be embarrased or ashamed to need assistance with financial matters.

The bankruptcy laws of British Columbia were written to allow a person who has fallen into debt a chance for a fresh start.

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