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Payday loans business opportunity

payday loans business opportunity

Everyone needs Extra Cash from time to time.

Rapid Cash Advances

Franchise/Investment/Entrepreneur Opportunities

The information here is for investors or entrepreneurs who wish to invest in, or start a payday advance service. If you are a webmaster and want to join our affiliate program Click here! If you are an individual, in the retail or service industry wishing to add additional revenue or services Click here!

Cash Advance. or Payday Loan as it is sometimes called, is a short term Cash Loan to help with life's emergencies, or unexpected bills. They range from $100 to $500 and are usually paid on your next payday, up to two weeks away. Everyone needs a little extra cash from time to time.

Franchise and take advantage of the profits from a Payday Loan or Cash Advance business with the help and support of one of the oldest and most successful companies in the industry. Get in the trenches and build your business. If you have ever wanted to own a business and reap the rewards of your own hard work, then we can help you build one of the safest and most lucrative businesses available, We will be happy to discuss with you our Franchise opportunities and how Rapid Cash Advances can help you take advantage of your hard work and desire and profit in the cash advance industry. Please click on the link below with your name and phone number, we will contact you to discuss our Franchise opportunity.

Investors want to take advantage of the profits from Payday Loans or Cash Advances but don't want to spend the time or deal with the headaches of running your own business? If you have money tied up in CD's, Money Markets, Mutual Funds, or worry over the volatility of the Stock Market, then we can help you invest in one of the safest and most lucrative businesses available, what could be safer then money. Investments can pay from 36% to 100% APR depending on your involvement. We will be happy to discuss with you how these investments work and how you can make take advantage of these earnings. Please click on the link below with your name, phone number and investment interest and we will contact you to discuss the opportunities that are available.

Entrepreneurs want to take advantage of the profits in the Payday Loan Business but don't want to be tied into a franchise or deal with someone who

wants to sell you a book or send you to a seminar, someone who has never experienced the actual day to day operation of a payday loan business. We have over 15 years in the Payday Loan Business dealing with multiple locations. You can save time and profit from our learning experience and save you money too. We know what works and what doesn't, and who will try to sell you products and service that ultimately only cost you money, and what services will help you make money. Gross profits from the Payday Loan business can be as high as 560%, sorry those that are calculating gross profits up to 800% are just playing with numbers, not actual gross income. States control your profitability in most cases, but expect between 240% to 360% on average. Still grosses of 240% are very high for any industry, but business people understand that gross income is far from profits, and even with high grosses, many people fail in the Payday Loan and Cash Advance Industry for several reasons and we know them all. High losses from bad accounts, useless services, unethical vendors, bad management will ultimately cost you your business, or at least your profits. Be sure that everyone will try to get there hand in your pocket. Screening your customers and collecting slow accounts can make or break you in this business. We help you get your operation up and running and you can determine the amount of help you need. Starting with something as simple as the setup and promoting of a basic website, to fully functional store front locations. We can help you get started or work with you on an ongoing basis by helping you process and service your accounts on a monthly basis. We will be happy to discuss with you your goals and how we can help you achieve them. We help you get setup, and we base our fees on the amount of time and services you feel you need. We are business people, looking to help business people with honest services and you determine your need. We hope to establish a working relationship that is profitable for both parties. Please click on the link below with your name, phone number and area of interest. We will contact you to discuss your needs and arrangements.

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We reserve the right to change or cancel or withdraw any offer without notice as we deem necessary.

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