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As a last resort, an online personal loan can help you deal with unexpected financial troubles. CashNet USA specializes in fast cash loans for those car payments, security deposits and hospital bills you come across. Unlike the best online loans, CashNet USA has high interest rates and requires faxed documents. Even with those hiccups, CashNet USA can still find you a loan option for your cash emergency.

The maximum amount you can see with a loan from CashNet USA is $2,250, above average for personal loans. CashNet USA allows you to apply for a second loan while you're still paying off the first; just have to wait two days before applying again. Unlike the best personal loan companies, CashNet USA has rather high APRs, ranging from 110% to 1,171%.

CashNet USA has been operating out of Chicago since 2004 and can offer loans to residents in 30 of the 50 states. CashNet USA is a direct lender, but also works with other third-party lenders to help you find the best loan. Next-business-day direct deposit to your checking account and site encryption are some good features CashNet USA offers. However, you will need to fax some documents, and you can't apply via phone; you can only get a cash loan online.

Apart from the usual personal information such as

birth date, name and email address, CashNet USA also requires a Social Security number, bank information and at least 30 days of current employment. You don't, however, have to submit a driver license number, and there is no formal credit check. You can be approved for a personal loan online in about 5 minutes, so you won't have to wait hours for a qualification email. The requirements for approval are quite lenient, with the exception of prior reports of bankruptcy. If a bankruptcy is on your credit history, you will automatically be disqualified.

Rather than the usual 14-day term lengths offered by other companies, CashNet USA offers options of up to 15 months depending on your paycheck schedule. This alone will likely help you avoid the necessity of extensions and added fees. However, should you need an extension, you may get upward of four extensions depending on your state’s laws. Although there is a fee for a missed or late payment on your fast cash loan, there is no fee for early repayment.

CashNet USA provides all of the support options you could hope for. Email, phone and live chat are all available. However, the chat support is not available 24/7 as advertised. An office address, FAQs list and terms of use are other helpful resources on the site.

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