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The clue is in the title. In this article we’ll be talking about quick cash advances. No matter how careful you are with your cash, or how much you try to budget, sometimes an expense comes up that you just couldn’t have predicted!

I think most people at some point in their lives will admit that they just needed a quick cash advance to tide them over until the next time they get paid. If you’re really lucky, family or friends will be able to help you by providing you with a short term cash advance - but that’s just not an option for everyone.

If this is the situation you’ve found yourself in, you’re probably wondering:

How can PiggyBank help you with a cash advance?

Well, the short answer is, because that’s what we do here at PiggyBank.

The world of finance can be a confusing place. You’ll see the phrase short term loan, quick loan, cash loan etc but all these are essentially just a way of saying: PiggyBank offers you cash advances for your unexpected expense. And, to make this even better, with PiggyBank you can rest assured that you are borrowing from one of the most responsible lenders on the market. We only lend if we know you can afford it and are transparent in our fees and charges so you know exactly how much you can expect to pay back before you agree to anything.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the “quickly” part:

The thing is, if you’re looking for a cash advance, 99% of the time, that cash was needed yesterday? When your washing machine breaks, you want to replace it quickly, before you washing basket overflows! You can’t afford to wait for your cash advance; you need that cash quickly.

Getting your cash advance to you quickly is one of our top priorities at PiggyBank. That’s why all of our cash advances can be applied for completely online 24 hours a day. Our online application is designed to be quick and friendly - it should only take you 10 minutes maximum, but will collate all the information we need to make an informed decision about your loan application. But don't worry, we do all the relevant checking so you can leave it all to us!

Lastly, if you’re approved for a cash advance from PiggyBank, we’ll use our “faster payment” method to make sure your

advance reaches your account as quickly as possible - normally within an hour - because we’re nice like that!

PiggyBank are responsible lenders and would not pay out a loan to some one who is unemployed, receiving benefits as a primary income, can not afford the full repayment or who is in a position of financial difficulty. We will complete full credit and two affordability checks, among numerous other checks to ensure we remain responsible lenders. However the good news is that our processes are so fast that we can still offer quick cash advances.

Although we pay out our loans quickly through faster payment once they have been approved, there is a lot going on behind the scenes before we approve a loan. Even if your application is approved without need for further information, we have still completed hundreds of checks to make sure you can afford the repayment, that the application is not fraudulent and that by paying out the loan we will not be putting you in a position of financial difficulty. We work together with CIFAS, Callcredit and numerous other data sources to fully ensure that we are lending responsibly.

As a responsible lender, many of our applications are passed through to our manual underwriting team for additional checks. We may request a payslip for example when checking your employment details or a bank statement to confirm that your expenses match your application. However the good news is this can be sent by email so your application can still be approved the same day. We will also check your credit file and the figures that you have provided us with regards to your income and expenditure.

This is to ensure that although our loans are quick to be paid out once approved, we remain responsible in our lending.

Click here to get started on your application for a quick cash advance from PiggyBank.

Before you take out a PiggyBank short term loan, you need to ask yourself whether borrowing money is the right thing for you. If you can cut down on your spending or put off buying something until you’ve saved for it, do that. If you are borrowing money to make repayments on other loans and debts, you may be in a vicious circle and it might not be the best thing to do. If you think you need help with your debts, you can contact the Step Change Debt Charity service at

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