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If you’ve ever searched for an online payday loans direct lender, you soon made an odd and unsettling discovery: they’re obscured, even hidden by payday loan sites disguising themselves as lenders. These sites range from third-party storefronts that work with a specified group of lenders to straight up data collectors that sell the information they gather to anyone willing to pay the going price.  LoanNow doesn’t operate like that. Instead, we’re a genuine direct online lender with advantages that even an actual online payday loans direct lender cannot match.

Payday Loan Sites versus Direct Payday Lenders

The initial search for an online payday loans direct lender seems to disclose hundreds, if not thousands of potential sources. But if you look just beyond the surface, the truth is revealed – many so-called payday loan sites are actually administered by aggregators. Aggregators collect information from prospective borrowers, period. They don’t make credit approval decisions. They don’t determine how much, if anything, you’re eligible to borrow. They simply function as storehouses for your financial and personal data.

Given the recent rash of high profile data breaches affecting companies ranging from Sony to JP Morgan Chase to Target stores, many people are understandably nervous about the security of their financial data.  Under other circumstances, people would probably be hesitant to submit their personal data to an anonymous

website that is guaranteed to distribute the information to unknown third parties. But desperate borrowers seeking cash to cover financial emergencies often put aside any misgivings they have in the hopes of obtaining the money they need.

Even an actual online payday loans direct lender presents hazards to borrowers. Many online payday lenders are located out of state, with some being operated within Native American enclaves and others located outside the United States altogether. In such cases, there is often little or no local, state or even federal jurisdiction for law enforcement officials.

If you have trouble with a payday loan from one of these entities, in many cases, you’re pretty much on your own.

LoanNow: A Real Online Lender

At LoanNow, we understand the urgency attached to a financial emergency. We work to process your application quickly and if you’re approved, to dispense your loan as soon as possible.  We also respect your privacy. Our online application can be completed on your home computer, with no additional documentation and no faxing. **

And we never sell your personal or financial information to third parties. As an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, we’ve earned a top A+ rating, so you can borrow with confidence.

Let us show you the difference a real online lender can make!

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