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At RepubliCash, our mission is to be the best provider of retail financial services by exceeding our customer’s expectations and creating a professional work environment. Please bring in two months of your most recent bank statements from your checking or savings account.

People come to RepubliCash because we offer a convenient, confidential, cost-effective option RepubliCash cashes all types of checks, including payroll, government, personal, two-party, tax refund checks, insurance drafts, cashier’s checks and more. Many banks now refuse to cash checks for people in our community who do not have bank accounts. And the best part is, while banks and credit unions will often “hold” the funds for several days or even weeks until the checks clears, WE DON'T! We give you cash up front without waiting for check to clear the bank or credit union. While banks, credit unions and other check cashing companies may limit the types or sizes of checks they will cash, RepubliCash employees are committed to cashing every good check that is presented to us.

Payday Loans from RepubliCash - A Smart Way to Get Fast Cash

An increasing number of consumers choose a payday loan to cover unexpected expenses or bridge to a short- term cash crunch between paydays without incurring revolving dept.

Many consumers prefer payday loans over barrowing from friends or family members, taking out a credit card advance, asking their employer for a salary advance, paying late fees, bounced check charges or overdraft protection fees.

You need cash today, but payday’s still a few days away? Consider a loan from RepubliCash. It is quick and simple!

Please fill out the application form and printed, bring It with you with all necessary documents to insure Faster service.

To qualify for a payday loan from RepubliCash we will:

  • Verify your employment/source of income. Please bring your most recent paycheck stub.(At employment 3 months minimum)
  • Confirm your home address. Please bring your mail shows your name and address on it.( We prefer your utility bills)
  • Please bring your ID
  • We verify that you have an active and good standing checking account. Please bring your most recent bank statement for your checking account and your checkbook. (Account open 3 months minimum)

RepubliCash makes tax season simple and painless. We prepare your taxes, file electronically or give you free estimates. We also cash your tax return checks with a lower fee.

We provide same day tax refund loans up to $ 1,000.

Reasons why RepubliCash should prepare your tax return:

  • FREE refund estimates
  • Courteous and friendly customer service
  • Up to $1000 advance on your refund within minutes of approval
  • Discount coupons available to save you money off your preparation fee
  • If we prepared your taxes last year, receive an additional $10 off your preparation fee
  • Walk-ins welcome or schedule an appointment

Save time and bring these documents with you:

When it comes to managing your budget, sometimes you need

more security, flexibility and convenience than just having cash in hand. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the Pearl Platinum prepaid re-loadable Master Card debit card in our store locations. Our prepaid debit cards are perfect for your life style and can be conveniently used in stores and ATM’s worldwide. Use our prepaid Master Card debit card at hotels and restaurants, to shop or pay bills online and anywhere else debit Master Card are accepted. Get the same worldwide acceptance as any other Master Cards holder. It is your money, so why not use it on your terms? Pearl Platinum prepaid Master Card debit cards are RE-LOADABLE and ready to use immediately!

Visit your local RepubliCash stores to get your Pearl Platinum prepaid re-loadable Master Card debit card and have all the benefits of plastic at your finger tip’s hassle free.

Choose the gift that is perfect for anyone. Whether you are awarding employees for a job well done, thanking customers for their business or referrals, or spreading the joy of the holiday season with the gift of choice, let Visa Gift Card fill your entire gift giving needs.

Cards can be loaded in any amount ranging from $20- $500.

Now you can pay many of your bills- electric, phone and cable, any credit card payments in person at our convenient locations through CheckFreePay. Our expanded operation hours give you more control over your time. Simply bring your current monthly statement and pay your bill quickly and easily!

Click here for a listing of participating Billers!

All RepubliCash locations sell Western Union money orders. RepubliCash is the only authorized Western Union agent that offers money orders up to $1,000. Western Union money orders are like checks, but without many of the hassles. They provide an easy and reliable way to make purchases and pay bills.

Our money order fees range from FREE to $0.25.

Transferring money to someone you love? Want to send a special message and gift to a graduating senior or birthday gift to mom?

Send money fast, anywhere in the world, with Western Union wire transfers. Please call or visit nearest RepubliCash store location for more information.

Tired of cellular contract? We offer prepaid wireless minutes for your cell phone as well as long distance phone cards for your home or office phone.

Some of our prepaid wireless minute providers are Boost, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Virgin Mobile, TracFone, Alltel. Net10, Airlink, Airvoice, Ready Mobile, Powerlink.

Some of our prepaid long distance minute providers are African King, Americhoice, C.A World, Family, Great USA, STI, and Extreme.

Our ATM machines are conveniently located in our branch lobbies. Brightly lit, clean and easily accessible, you can withdraw cash in $ 20 increments up to $ 200. Our $ 2, 25 withdrawal fee is lower than most bank ATM fees.

You can send and receive fax for $ 1.50 first page, $1 each additional page. Note that we can only send or receive fax domestically, not internationally.

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