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Systrum is one of three third-party energy suppliers against whom the State filed civil Complaints during the spring of 2014, alleging they failed to live up to their promises that the consumers would save money by switching from their utility companies. When energy prices spiked during the harsh winter of 2013-2014, the companies’ rates far exceeded those the customers would have paid, had they stayed with their previous electric and/or natural gas suppliers.

In yet another large-scale, significant investigation conducted by the New York Attorney General’s Charities Bureau in the last year, the office has filed court papers to shutter the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation. According to court documents, the foundation amounted to a mirage, run by a single individual – Zvi Shor of Brooklyn. The New York Attorney Generals' Office alleges that the foundation raised approximately $9.7 million from donors nationally, but spent nothing on programmatic efforts and its charitable mission from 2009-2013, and only small amount in the last year. In order to conceal his siphoning of funds for personal use, the court papers accuse Mr. Shor and others of filing false audits and other official documents. The Attorney General’s office seeks to recover all donated funds received through fraudulent practices.

Upon a referral from the Indiana Department of Labor, the Indiana Attorney General’s Office has filed suit against two trucking companies for wrongful termination of an employee. The employee,

Elizabeth Britt, filed a police report in February alleging that a company contract driver made intimidating and threatening remarks during the course of her employment. She reported the incident to her superiors, but they declined to intervene. Shortly thereafter, the company terminated Ms. Britt and rehired the contract driver. She filed a complaint with the Indiana Department of Labor, which eventually referred the case to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office.

Illegal immigrants and temporary residents are particularly vulnerable, officials say, because they are unlikely to know their rights, may not speak English and are often afraid to contact law enforcement. The consequences go beyond monetary losses: Filing fraudulent claims for asylum or lying, even unknowingly, on immigration forms can render applicants ineligible for federal benefits in the future.

In April, the state attorney general and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a task force to investigate illegal immigration-service providers.

Officials and immigrant advocacy groups said state law still doesn’t do enough to combat fraud targeting immigrants, which typically involves small amounts of money and often results in misdemeanor or low-level felony charges. They want the Legislature to approve stiffer charges for these crimes.

Chase relied on robo-signing and other discredited methods to pursue consumers and gave inaccurate information to debt buyers, the authorities said. As part of the settlement, Chase agreed to reform the bank's credit card collection practices and debt sales. The deal also bars Chase's debt buyers from reselling consumer debts to other purchasers, the authorities said.

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