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Buy payday the heist

buy payday the heist

PAYDAY: The Heist

Mostly Harmless 23 окт, 2014 в 12:36

Payday 2 takes up about 14 gb, but it needs to reserve 30 gb when installing (the 16 gb different will be freed up once the install is finished).

If you can only get one, I'd say the choice depends on what you're looking for in a game, as the two are pretty different.

Payday 2 has RPG-like elements (you earn money from playing levels, which you spend to buy different guns and armor and customize your weapons and character). It also has a fairly significant (though optional) stealth element, which plays similar to the Hitman series of games. For the combat, there are somewhat fewer enemies, but the A.I. is smarter and more in depth (i.e. they move in squads and are affected by suppressing fire). The base game (not including DLC) has about 16 different levels; they vary from small beginniner levels to large complex ones.

Payday the Hesit is more of a straight swarm shooter, where you get mobbed by tons of cops. They pretty much move as a horde and just charge you (although they do use cover in a rudimentary way). There are 3 levels with stealth elements, but it's very scripted (once an enemy spots you, you immediately fail stealth and are pushed into combat). Character progression is much simpler, you level up along a fixed path. There are 9 levels, they're all large and more or less equal in terms of complexity. Because it is an older game, there are fewer people playing online, but the community is still alive and there are a decent number of people playing during the weekends.

Payday 2 is easier for new players,

as it has small beginner levels you can train in, whereas Payday the Heist pretty much throws you into the fire right away and expects you to fail the first dozen or so tries before you get the hang of things.


23 окт, 2014 в 14:00

Hands DOWN. Buy the heist, forget PD2.

They mess around with PD 2 so much that it becomes a different game (mechanics) every 4 months. Stealthing is almost ruined again. They artificially extended the grind again after making the game way too easy a while back. They have no line they follow, just come up with new ideas how to change the very basics of the game every other season, it's completely rediculous and offers nothing of value.

Most of the PD2 dlc is a shamless cashgrab, so much so that they sell a DLC which advertises another game.

They added a freaking hollywood character into PD2, wtf does Keanu Reeves have to do with anything Payday?

Overkill has gone nuts, glad I pre-ordered PD2 and had some good times but ever since they started silencing their concerned playerbase in the discussions that game has only gone down freaking hill.

The heist on the other hand has 1 good dlc and no more updates to screw you over and add artificial extension to the game by removing your boosts and adding them in, right again, but as a different system that you have to "guess". grind.

In other words I've went from a huge Payday and Overkill supporter to a complete hater of anything Payday 2 and Overkill over the span of Payday 2.

Последний раз отредактировал scavenge ; 23 окт, 2014 в 14:07

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