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Payday Loans in Lacey

payday loans lacey wa

Payday Loans and More

Checkmate offers a wide variety of services:

  • Exchange Gift Cards
  • Cash for Gold in Lacey
  • Payday Loans
  • Check Cashing
  • Prepaid Visa/Master Cards
  • Gold Buying (Jewelry / Coins)
  • Western Union Money Transfer

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    Everyone faces unexpected bills from time to time. Appliances break, roofs leak, and cars need to be maintained. Injuries at home or at work can result in lost income and costly medical bills. If your dinner conversations are all about money and you can’t sleep at night because you’re worried about the electricity or gas being turned off, we can help you make payday loans work for you. Our store, which is located in Lacey, will help you get back on your feet with our services.

    Checkmate is here to help customers with a variety of financial services. Not only do we specialized in payday loans, but we also offer services such as check cashing, prepaid Visa and MasterCards, and Western Union money transfers and money orders. When you need cash, or need to send cash, we are your full-service connection in Lacey and the surrounding area.

    Perhaps you've discovered unwanted and unused gift cards collecting dust in the back of a drawer. Don't feel like you have to make a special trip to the mall simply to use your gift cards for items you'll never use. Come in today and exchange your gift cards for cash in your pocket. We will also give you cash for unwanted, used, or broken gold jewelry. From payday loans to cash for your old gold, our store in Lacey is always ready to serve you with the best customer experience we can offer!

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