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So I got a phone call after applying through a secure site (HA) from Greenleaf Financial and then from Advanced America Loans saying that I had been approved for 2,000-10,000 dollars. So I called them back because they said it was totally based on my credit score. They had all my information, bank account, social, address, phone number, where I worked extra. Then the guy said he was putting my request through for 5000.00 would cost 174 a month in repayment. Pretty good terms but then he put me on hold and when he comes back says "well your credit score is quite good enough and we need you to show that you can pay so we need to get 210.00 dollars."

First and foremost, I am one of those people who Google everything. I got a phone call from a heavy Indian-accented guy telling me I was approved for a long-term loan, which is what I was looking for. I needed help for the short term loan I had to keep up with the bills. Once you get on that track being a mother of 2, it's hard to get out of. The guy proceeded to tell me I was approved from 2000 to 10,000 dollars. I gave him my information to look up my credit, supposedly. He put me on hold, came back and said, "Great news, we can give you a loan for 2000." Being that my credit was low, they would deposit a check into my checking account and to verify it is really me, I'd have to send some money back from that check through money gram. Nothing else, no western union, only money gram.

He never said an amount. By this time, I'm talking to 'David **'. So he told me he deposited the check to send 500 back to him using my debit card. "Do NOT use the atm," he said. "Just use your debit card". I was trying to Google these people, but they used a cellphone jammer. I couldn't look up anything. I couldn't even look at my account to see what they did. I had $468 already in my account but he told me this is all we have to do and they will deposit another check and I'd only have to pay $138 a month back. The woman at the money gram asked if the recipient would be able to provide an ID, I addled this David ** and he said yes. He told me the recipient was Lorenzo **. The agent heard my conversation. I believe since she asked this question. Now by this time, I'm getting a little upset.

This has taken over 40 minutes, these people kept putting me on hold and not once let me hang up or use the atm, but I'm willing to do anything to get home to my family. This was right after work. So I sent the money. He said, "Okay, wait 10 minutes please to make sure the money was there". He put me on hold. 10 minutes later, he comes back and said, "Okay now I need you to send 900 back to me". I said, "Okay, I don't understand what's

going on, how you deposited these checks because I have USAA and the closest bank is in Texas".

So they start getting fast and hurry-hurry mode. "You need to get this out fast so we can give you your check fast". I got put on hold again, a different guy comes to the line asking me if I have a boyfriend, he looked at my social site. I'm very beautiful. Now this David ** comes on the line. I tell him about this guy hitting on me, he said, "Sorry about that. I never had to talk to him again, just please send this money."

By this time, it's been 3 hours, nothing seems right. I hang up. They called me 39 times. It took me 2 hours to get my phone back to normal, phone calls, messages online, even WiFi wouldn't work. I finally was able to look on my account. They deposited 2 checks, 1 in my savings and 1 in my checking. I NEVER gave them my savings info at all for them to do this. It said the checks were not available to see yet, but I could see they deposited it by phone. One for an amount of 1200 and 1100 and change on both. Now the next day comes, different phone number and I answer. It's him being irate telling me I need to send the rest of this money, I told him my bank, put a hold on both of them which they truly did. But they took out another 900 overnight.

I'm assuming because I used my debit card, they got that info as well. He got mad, insisted in order to receive my money I had to send the rest of this back, call my bank, demand the money. I just hung up, blocked the calls and called my bank. The woman I spoke with said just wait till the checks cleared and we'll take it from there. Over the week, I went 500 in the hole on my savings, 500 in the hole in my checking and my little bit for rent was gone. By the time the checks cleared, both checks were nonsufficient funds. 2 names I never even heard of and on both checks they forged my name. I am all trying to recover from this. My bank said it takes 7 to 10 days to investigate but since I gave them my checking info, there might be nothing they can do. But since I didn't give them the savings info I might get that back.

They will fully investigate, see where and how they deposited the funds and take it from there. I lost a good 1500 dupatta that I don't even have. I don't make that much. So my bi-weekly check I get had to cover what was there to close my accounts, close my debit card, get a whole new checking account and debit. Please, I hope and pray you do NOT fall for this. Karma will get them, unfortunately, not soon enough. By them getting my account info, they hacked into my account, hacked into my life like I needed this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let them do this to you.

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