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payday loans payoff

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What are payday loan consolidation and payday loan settlement? How do they work?

Our unique combination of payday loan consolidation and payday loan settlement is designed for borrowers looking for a legal and ethical way to pay off of their payday loans without considering credit counseling or bankruptcy.

Payday Loan Consolidation. Debt Pay 1 does not loan you money, but you will make one monthly payment each month, thereby consolidating your payday loan debt. We combine your payday loans into one and structure one low monthly payment around your specific financial situation, which ensures that you will be able to survive the full program.

Payday Loan Settlement. Our expert team of negotiators work directly with your payday lenders on your behalf to negotiate settlements for less than the full amount owed on your account. The settlement amount will depend on the payments you have made towards the loan, regardless on whether you paid only renewal fees

or interest. Any money saved through a settlement will not lower your monthly payments but will ultimately shorten your program.

In our payday loan consolidation and settlement program, your new Debt Pay 1 payment will be 50% less than your current minimum payments on your payday loans and will help you get out of debt in 6 to 12 months.

We understand that reaching out for help is never easy when you’re in debt. We are familiar with the reluctance all of our clients experienced when they first called us. We know being in payday loan debt and finding the right company can be difficult. This is why at Debt Pay 1, we will do whatever we can to be as informative and upfront as possible in our efforts to help you and your family improve your financial situation.

Take the first step towards financial freedom. Get a free quote at (800) 966-5151 .

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