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Microfinance institutions benefit with our cobranded card program

Microfinance – microcredit directly to your credit card

Microfinance institutions are a primary need in many developing countries around the world and are able to provide financial services to the poor. In order to accomplish this noble feat by microfinance institutions much easier it is crucial for these institutions to find options which will allow them to provide services like microloans and microcredit to more and more people who are in need of these types of services.

“We have been using those co-branded cards for our microfinance business for quite a while to say we are satisfied with Hallmark Prepaid. People behind this company were very helpful in the process of set up and continue providing high level of support when needed” A.Turay, South African Microsystems.”

We offer microfinance institutions the ability to do just that by providing them with the payment options they need in order to be able to offer the financial services to their customers who are in a vulnerable position or are poor and therefore cannot secure financial options through traditional banks. By joining a cobranded card program such as ours microfinance institutions can in turn lower the costs of client acquisition which can in turn then be used for other more

productive reasons. These co-branded cards are globally accepted and therefore can provide microfinance institutions with the ability to gain more clients through the use of remittance programs.

Flexible co-branded cards,  microcredit and microloans

Besides having the ability to offer may benefits to microfinance institutions our cobranded card program is also able to provide many benefits to the card users as well. The cardholders who are typically in a lower socioeconomic class are in need of money to help them to fund an emergency which may come up requiring funds. Our cobranded cards are able to provide them with access to instant cash when and if an emergency does arise. Through the use of co-branded cards they are able to quickly and easily withdraw cash from microcredit and microloans through the use of ATMS around the globe.

This helps consumers to save valuable money and time that may have been wasted otherwise by having to take the time to visit the office of banks or microfinance institutions to secure funds. Basically, our cobranded cards are able to be beneficial to microfinance institutions and their client base allowing more people to be served in an efficient and effective manner.

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