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Payday Loans for Bad credit, No Brokers Fees

payday loans with no fees

Having a bad credit history can make the life of an individual extremely difficult. When such an individual gets trapped into financial woes, he finds it tough to get money from additional sources. To assist such people toovercome cash crunch, Text Loans 1000 is offering an online access to Payday Loans no fuss direct bank credit and no paper check. This wonderful loan facility has turned to be a blessing for many UK citizens who are looking for Payday Loans with No Brokers fees as we do not charge any processing or upfront charges at our end. We would like to clear that we are not a direct lender or brokers. We only match your loan requirements with our panel of lenders for this we do not charge any fees from applicants. If our lenders find your application fit in their approval criteria they will approve your loan and at the same time pass a small amount to us as a commission. We make sure that you get 100% online acceptance of application form 24/7. So that you can get money right when you need it.

Payday Loans Online Approval

When we say that there is an online credit check process involved in loan approval, we mean 100% loan approval procedure is automated and verification of application is very fast. Loan acceptance by the lenders depends up on various checks and criteria set by the payday industry regulator. In some cases lenders may be perform a credit check on your application before loan approval so we do not promise for no credit check loans. There is an online application form accessible on our website. You have to fill this two minute form when you want to apply through. Here you have to share some of your details like your name, address, and email id and contact number to name a few. All these details are verified by our associated money lenders who approve application only when satisfied with the outcome and your confirmation by email or text message.

Text Loans for Bad Credit

You can avail this loan facility when you are surrounded with troubles despite having tags such as arrears, foreclosures, county court judgments and individual voluntary arrangements. You do not have to worry about facing the humiliation of personal verification, paper checks or faxing as we understand your hesitation, and thus try to keep the procedure

simple and hassle free for you. There is no documentation and faxing formalities involved either. We also accept application from bad credit borrowers.

Given the fact you are applying through us for Text Loans despite of Bad Credit, you can get money up to 1000 pounds depending on your existing needs, income that you withdraw and ability to make repayment. Use sanctioned money the way you want without any restriction. Apply through Text Loans 1000 acceptance if you are looking for fast and hassle free monetary help.

Text Loans Eligibility

  • You must be a citizen of United Kingdom.
  • Your age must be 18 years or above.
  • You must be in regular employment for last six months and getting 1000 pounds or above as monthly wadges.
  • You should have a valid bank account in UK.
    Working of Text Loans 1000
  • 1. We are not a lender or credit brokers, we just match your loan requirements with our associated lenders.
  • 2. We forward your details to a group of lenders and we do not keep your data with us.
  • 3. Our services are totally free for all applicants using this site.
  • 4. As a lender find your application suitable for loan he will consider this as a prospective lead for their business and will pay commission to us. In this way we are getting commission from lenders and charging our clients directly or indirectly.
  • 5. As we are not involved in any type of lending so we are not responsible for any approval are rejection of application.
  • 6. For all type of queries you should contact to your lender only.
  • 7. All types of interest, fees and penalty charged by our associated lenders are well within caps fixed by FCA letter dated 02/01/2015.
  • 8. If any time you feel that you are unable to repay loan amount in time lines set by the lender then you should contact him immediately to avoid any extra charges.
  • 9. As these loans are suitable for short term money solutions and bearing high interest rate so you should always apply for least amount which can fit to your requirements and always think about your repaying capacity before applying.
  • 10. Customers are always our mentors so please send your feed backs and suggestions to us on info@textloans1000.

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