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Cash advance payday loan software

cash advance payday loan software

C ashTrax was created by a cash advance / payday loan company so you can be sure that we are using the software too and are as passionate about its functionality as those who are looking for a premier software to run their business. Whether you are a small start up payday loan / cash advance company or you are already running several thousand loans a month, CashTrax was designed to scale with your growth. As we see the cash advance and payday loan industry grow there will be many changes in operations, and compliance. Because we use our own software to run our own company, we are committed to producing an enterprise software solution specifically for Internet companies who want to grow their cash advance / payday loan business that in a professional, secure, scaleable, and compliant manner



CashTrax has leveraged the experience of several Internet companies to provide one of the most powerful solutions for payday lending and cash advance lending in the market place. Our payday loan and cash advance enterprise solution is not bound by your typical design teams who have to ask the customer what they want and then go and try and build it. CashTrax was designed from the ground up by a company that started doing payday loans and cash advances by hand with an excel spreadsheet and a fax machine. As we grew we learned how to do things differently, what worked and what didn't and what we wanted in a core cash advance and payday loan software solution. These wants and needs ranged from application processing, Teletracking, automated emails and faxing to legal compliance in multiple states, internet leads and real-time advanced reporting.

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