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Providing Online Payday Loans

Applying through Kangaroo Payday has been designed to be straightforward for all our customers. Using our leading loan market technology, Kangaroo Payday provides you with a quick and uncomplicated application process for Payday Loans.

How do we make this happen?

There is no need to fill out any paperwork which could delay the application process, we are entirely online so do not worry about phone calls or faxing your details to us. The loan application will take up a few minutes of your time asking a few simple questions with the whole application taking place directly on our site.

Clicking the ‘Apply’ button will take you to our application form. Here you will be asked some simple questions about your personal information such as current address and employment, and also bank details so lenders know which account to fund the loan to. These details are required so we can prove who you say you are, and successfully match you with a lender to provide you with a payday loan. Our site is safe and secure and your information is always protected by our systems.

Now all you have to do is submit your application and our Pingtree Technology will process the application, by sending it to our lenders one by one and doing all the hard work for you. The lenders will accept or pass the application on to the next lender. If accepted you will then be

forwarded directly to that particular lenders website to complete your unique loan application. While you may think this process is time consuming, here is the difference with using Kangaroo Payday, is that it takes a matter of minutes, leaving you to go about your day, without worrying.

Simply enter your details, click ‘Submit’ and Kangaroo Payday does all the work online!

If approved by one of our lenders, the last stage of the process is that you are sent to their site where you can confirm and agree to the loan terms. Once again this is all done online and can take a short period of time.

Now this last stage is complete the money will be transferred into the bank account you applied with. Depending on your bank, the money could be transferred quickly. If there is not time for the transfer to happen on that day then it will perhaps happen on the following day. It is worth noting that Kangaroo Payday cannot guarantee the date or time of the loan being transferred into your bank account it is dependent on your personal banking circumstances.

In order to be considered by our panel of lenders you need to satisfy a number of requirements: Need to be at least 18 years of age – be earning a minimum of $600 and be in regular employment – a permanent resident of Australia, with an Australian bank account that can accept direct deposits.

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