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2015 Policy Book

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Comprehensive List of Approved Policies of the Alberta Liberal Opposition

Enhancing our Economy

  • Support the introduction of a progressive taxation system in Alberta.
  • Stop transfers from the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund to General Revenue.
  • Require that all government contracts over $10,000 be fully and immediately disclosed to the public as open data.
  • Return to a comprehensive consolidated budget.
  • Establish the Office of the Budget Commissioner as an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.
  • Enhance Alberta’s economic potential through the creation of a Start-up Alberta Fund to support entrepreneurs and their small businesses.
  • Require any reforms to public or private sector pension plans be negotiated through the collective bargaining process.
  • Pursue a national agreement to boost Canada Pension Plan payouts and premiums, and tie any Pooled Registered Pension Plans in Alberta to the ratification of the national agreement.
  • Work with our partners in Confederation to establish a national energy, transportation and utility corridor for the purposes of inter-provincial and international trade.
  • Work with our partners in Confederation to establish free trade between all Canadian provinces and territories from coast-to-coast-to-coast.
  • Work with our partners in Confederation to reform the Temporary Foreign Worker program to ensure Canadian jobs are protected, current workers are placed on the pathway to citizenship, and more permanent immigration in Alberta.
  • Work with our partners in Confederation to remove the burden of Supply Management and eliminate mandatory check-offs for Alberta milk, egg, and poultry producers.
  • Increase immigrant settlement funding.
  • Improve international qualification assessments to expedite recognition of foreign credentials.
  • Include paid farmworkers under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Workers’ Compensation Act, the Labour Relations Code, and the Employment Standards Code.
  • Shorten required employment period for maternity/parental leave from 52 to 26 consecutive weeks.
  • Amend the Alberta’s Labour Code to allow unpaid candidate leave with a job guarantee.
  • Modernize and liberalize Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission rules to allow for the creation of a “cafe culture” in municipalities.
  • Incentivize the expansion of a homegrown small brewing and micro-distillery industry, which encourages domestic production and more choice for consumers.
  • Cap interest rate charges and fees for payday and car title loans.
  • Incentivize financial institutions to offer low-interest, short-term credit to people who need smaller-size loans.
  • Develop the legal and regulatory framework to create a high speed rail network connecting Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary.

Quality Education

  • Eliminate school fees.
  • Increase ESL funding.
  • Make schools community hubs.
  • Eliminate Provincial Achievement Tests.
  • Start a provincial school lunch program.
  • Fully fund all-day kindergarten programs.
  • Provide a tax credit up to $500 for teachers.
  • Make Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) mandatory in schools where students request them.
  • Include age appropriate information on consent in all programs of study dealing primarily with sexual health education.
  • Incorporate accredited private schools into the public system by eliminating current funding model over the next five years.
  • Ensure basics skills are taught first before discovery learning in the Alberta

    Education curriculum.

  • Restore Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP), and create a new program of year-round, paid internships.
  • Establish dedicated trade schools at the high school level by expanding the Registered Apprenticeship Program and other related trade-based programs.

Innovative Learning

  • Provide stable, predictable funding for post-secondary institutions by adopting a multi- year funding cycle.
  • Deliver an equitable one-time capital funding package to universities in order to remedy accumulated liability due to chronic underfunding.
  • Cap all post-secondary fee and tuition increases to under the rate of inflation and secure tuition fee regulations in legislation.
  • Cut post-secondary tuition across the province by one third.
  • Make grant-based financial aid to Alberta students superior to debt-financing.
  • Prohibit post-secondary institutions from implementing and utilizing Market Modifiers and Mandatory Non-Instructional Fees.
  • Lift restrictions on post-secondary institutions requiring them to direct resources or funding towards applied research.
  • Increase opportunities for distance learning.

Available Child Care

  • Create a universal low-cost childcare program in Alberta..
  • Increase the number of licensed child care spaces in the province..
  • Permit high school credits to be awarded for students completing the Levels 1 to 5 “Child Care Course”, and make applicable child care volunteer work available for “Work Experience” high school credits, and ensure Child Care Worker wages are more competitive so that the quality of child care is enhanced.

Making Housing Affordable

  • Increase support the Housing First model.
  • Implement a formal poverty reduction strategy for Alberta.
  • Permit inclusionary zoning for municipalities to address affordable housing challenges.
  • Expand the proposed dispute resolution process for condominiums to include single family dwellings.
  • Require energy efficiency labeling for new homes and condos.
  • Require residential builders to be licensed.

Vibrant Families and Communities

Healthy Living

Dignity for Seniors

  • Support the creation of a national affordable seniors’ drug plan.
  • Restore the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program as a grant for eligible seniors.
  • Introduce a refundable personal income tax credit for purpose of improving the safety and accessibility of a preferred residence.
  • Mandate the installation of a fire-suppression systems such as automatic sprinklers in all facilities primarily used for housing seniors and other vulnerable persons in order to protect them from fire.
  • Provide seniors’ activity centres with stable funding to help address their rising but varied operating costs.
  • Keep families together by eliminating the practice of transferring people awaiting continuing care placement to any available facility within 100 kilometres.
  • Create more adequately and appropriately staffed public long term care facilities and spaces, including increased use of auxiliary hospitals.
  • View palliative home care and hospice care as the first choice, not an alternative to placement or hospitalization, and improve the quality, consistency, accessibility of palliative home care/hospice care across the province.
  • Expand accreditation standards, focusing on areas such as symptom management, and advance care planning, and support the integration of a palliative approach into chronic disease management.

Respect for Indigenous Peoples

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