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Payday Max Reviews

You might be wondering if Payday Max is a lender you should do business with. Reviews on these sort of companies can be hard to find, because they will either pay someone to review their service favorably, or you’ll only hear from the people that are grumpy enough to complain.

Most online payday lenders work essentially the same, ask for the same qualifying information, and provide you the money within the same timeframe. The only real difference is in the details, and how well you’re treated throughout the process. Some of these companies make so much money they don’t seem to care about an individual customer any more, while some are still hungry for business and will treat you as if you are their only customer.

Payday Max does have a few things going for it that make it different from its competitors. The biggest is that they’ll send you the money in the form of cash using MoneyGram. Most people would find this factor reason enough to give them a try.

Payday Max Reviews

The reviews that are listed at

Payday Max are basically testimonials and of course have to be taken with a grain of salt. These are obviously people that had a good experience, or were perhaps compensated in some way to give a review and make sure that it is positive. We searched and searched and couldn’t find a lot of unbiased, actual reviews from real customers, so please leave your experience in the comments below if you end up giving them a try. Your actual feedback will be of great value to those that are wondering what kind of company this is.


Payday Max seems to have stricter qualifications than other payday lenders. They don’t hold your credit report against you, but they will be checking with reporting agencies to see how well you make payments on things. If they don’t like what they see, or if you’ve previously abused their service in the past, they might choose not to give you a loan. This is different than some sites that will accept just about anyone, but not as strict as a bank loan that basically rejects everyone.

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