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payday max complaints

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On 8/31 I ordered the Workpro Task chair in BLACK. Because it wouldn't fit in my car, I requested it be delivered to my home. I was told it would be delivered on 9/1. For reasons I will not divulge here, I forgot all about the chair until 9/10 when I realized it was never delivered. I checked online and saw that it was labeled as delivered. I chatted with customer service and was told someone would call me on 9/11. No one called. On the night of 9/11 I called customer service. They could not find a signature nor a delivery company assigned to my order. They refunded 20% of my purchase price for my aggravation and sent out a new one.

On 9/14, the delivery arrived. After the truck left I realized the chair that was delivered was BLUE. I called customer service and was told that the replacement would be delivered to me for an "even exchange" on 9/16. 9/16 came and went. I called on 9/17 and was told that the replacement was picked up from Office Depot on 9/16 but that customer service could not tell me when it would be delivered to me. On 9/18 my husband received a call from the delivery company stating that our replacement would be delivered in the next "2 to 7

business days", but that they would call prior to delivery. On 9/24 still no chair. I called customer service and was told that our replacement delivery was "deleted due to computer error" but the rep refused to tell me when that happened. At this point I requested to speak with a supervisor. After waiting on hold for over 20 minutes I finally agreed to a call back.

Today is 9/27 and I am still waiting. This has been going on for 26 days! I live approximately 1-1/2 hours from the nearest OfficeMax and it could have been walked to my home in this time. At this point, I have requested an additional 40% refund of my purchase price to me for my abused patience, which this company does not deserve any longer. (That would be an additional $80 refunded to me). I will be exchanging this chair with the proper one IN STORE. It is worth it to me to rent a larger vehicle to end this transaction with this company. This has been the worst shopping experience I have ever had with any company. There is no way they can fix this. There is no way I will ever spend my hard earned money at any of their stores again. As I said, their nearest store is 1-1/2 hours from my home, but so is Staples.

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