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Payday max scam

payday max scam

Print List TalkPTC List of Known Scams

The TalkPTC Scam List is based on extensive research by experienced forum members. These sites are proven scams and will waste your money and/or time. We advise you to stay away from these sites! If you feel that a site should be added or removed from the list please leave a comment here .

This is an up-to-date list of the PTC sites we do not recommend signing up for.

There may be several reasons for a site being added to our scam list. Just a few examples


1. owned by known scammers including but not limited to gptnetworks, maderite, willj/northowl, kim ballard, samantha shepherd wilson.

2. complaints by members, examples: non payment, account deletion,

3. changing terms from paying all members to only paying certain members

like upgraded members or new investors.

4. changing paying sites to adonly sites.

All sites on free hosts should be avoided, if they cannot afford a paid host they cannot afford to pay you.

Sites using the Buxhost should be avoided, they rent by the month, they disappear by the month.

Free hosted sites and Buxhost sites will not be added to the scam list.

If you copy our list onto your blog or website please check this link for updates, and do provide credit to TalkPTC otherwise you will be violating our copyright.

Scammers often sell their site so if you were unlucky enough to purcahse a site on our scam list please contact aurora and it will be removed

They are listed in Alphabetical Order, starting with Numbers, and then Letters..

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