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Received a call from a gentleman identifying himself as Officer ** with County Sheriff stating he has to serve me with a citation but he cannot get to my premise within the allotted time. He stated I would need to come to the county jail, get booked (photoed & fingerprinted), spend the night in county jail, & see the judge in the morning. I asked in regards to what? He referred me to 855-214-1116 which turns out to be a debt collecting service Tristate Legal Outsourcing. Another gentleman answered the call identifying himself as Attorney **. ** states he's collecting on behalf of an online payday loan I received in 2012.

Judy of Lubbock, TX on July 8, 2010

I applied for a Payday loan on about 7-1-10. I was told via computer screen that I was approved for $1000. I checked my bank account next morning no funds deposited. Called Payday One.

I was advised to send more information, copy of bank statement, paystub, voided personal check. I faxed all of that information. Still no funds deposited. 4th of July weekend and holiday passed. On Monday, the 5th and the 6th, I checked and still nothing. I called Payday One. Again they advised me to send letter with my bank account and last 4 digits of SS number stating I gave permission to Payday One to debit and credit my account, which I did. Still no funds deposited.

My account was debited by them on March 16th, 26th and April 16th to pay back the payment I put a stop payment on. Why can Payday One debit but not credit my account? I have documents to back up what I am telling you. I think Payday One needs to reimburse my for the nearly $300 in OD charges on my bank account for giving me the runaround for nearly a week.

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