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2015 Calendars

Standard (SEMI) Payroll Calendar Format 1 [PDF] / Format 2 [PDF] Biweekly Payroll Calendar Format 1 [PDF] / Format 2 [PDF] State Holidays Only Calendar Format 1 [PDF] / Format 2 [PDF] Please read message below for information related to the 2015 Payroll Calendars.

Regarding the 2015 Payroll Calendars

Below are some frequently asked questions about the 2015 payroll calendars. While there are references to collective bargaining agreements, these changes apply to all employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What changes were made to the State Calendar?

A: Previously the State calendar listed the dates that payroll settlement (direct deposit) would occur. The 2015 calendars will indicate paydays rather than direct deposit settlement dates.

Q: What are the pay days?

A: In accordance with collective bargaining agreements employees on a semi-monthly pay schedule have paydays of the 15th and the last day of each month. For employees on a biweekly pay schedule payday is the second Friday following completion of the pay period. These rules also apply to employees who are not covered by collective bargaining.

If the payday falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, then the last working day before such Saturday, Sunday or holiday will be the payday.

For example, in February of 2015, where the 15th falls on a Sunday, payday will be on the preceding Friday, February 13.

Q: Why is the change being made?

A: This change is being made because once payroll information is transmitted to the direct deposit vendor, the State no longer has control of actual direct deposit settlements. However, the State does have an obligation to ensure that pay is deposited on the contractually agreed upon payday.

Q: Will my direct deposit date be changing?

A: In most cases the direct deposit will occur a day or two prior to the actual payday as it has in the past. However, employees are cautioned that in order to ensure funds are available, they should always schedule withdrawals from their bank accounts consistent with the contractually agreed upon payday.

Q: What if I do not receive my direct deposit by payday?

A: Contact the Employee Call Center at (907) 465-3009, or where staff will assist in directing your call or email to the appropriate payroll contact as needed.

Employees in the Office of the Governor, Legislative, and Judicial branches should reference the list of payroll contacts for payroll staff in their specific agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which calendar do I use?

The majority of State Employees are in

the SEMI pay entity and will use the Standard schedule. Employees in a BIWK1, BIWK4, or AMHS pay entities will use the biweekly calendar; these pay entities are primarily made up of certain Alaska Marine Highway employees and Correctional Officers.

Who publishes the calendar?

The state calendar is published by the webmaster of the Division of Finance (DOF). a division of the Department of Administration. DOF's webmaster obtains data relating to holidays and payroll settlement (paydays) from schedules provided by the State Payroll Manager and will update future calendars as the information becomes available.

When are new calendars released?

Two versions of the upcoming year's calendar are typically released. The preliminary calendar is usually released in May or June as soon as the official state holidays are known. This calendar does not include paydays. The final version of the calendar for the upcoming year is normally released in September or October.

What if I need a calendar that isn't yet available?

Contact us. We may not begin work on the initial calendar release until demand has been demonstrated. If we receive early inquiries, we will attempt to release the calendar in advance of the scheduled roll-out.

If you are simply interested in researching future dates, your computer likely provides this functionality. Windows users can double-click on their system clock (usually in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen). This will open a window from which you can select your desired month and year. Remember to click Cancel when finished to avoid resetting your clock.

I can't read the calendar. What should I do?

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader program is required to view the calendar. If you are unable to use Adobe Acrobat due to a software problem, please contact your computer support team. If you are unable to use Adobe Acrobat for another reason, please contact us with a description of your formatting requirements. We may be able to provide the calendar in an alternate format to suit your needs.

How do I link to a calendar?

If you would prefer to link directly to a calendar rather than this page, you are welcome to do so. Links are provided below for your convenience.

To prevent distribution of out-of-date calendar versions, we request that actual copies of the calendar not be posted on any web site other than this one.

How do I add holidays and paydays to my own calendar?

The State Calendars are provided below in iCalendar (.ics) format. These files can be imported into your Calendar client for viewing online.

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