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The basic version of this skill highlights civilians as well as guards. This is currently the only way to highlight civilians. The duration of the highlighting effect is much more brief than the highlighting derived from directly marking a guard, however this skill functions through all solid objects including walls, floors, ceilings, etc. In short no line of sight is required to silhouette all people within a 10 meter globe centered on the player. Though brief, the effect renews automatically if the player remains stationary, so that highlighted targets which are also stationary seem to appear and disappear if they are being detected through a solid barrier that blocks line of sight.

The aced version of this skill is highly limited at this time, as it only allows the player to pick up items which are "instant" pickups, e.g. single stacks of bills, keycards, loose jewelry. Any items which have an interaction wheel, such as Gage packages, planks, or drill bags, can still only be picked up when the player is masked.


The basic version can be extremely useful for any stealth mission, since it allows the player to more or less see through walls. This can enable a patient player to navigate maps with very little danger of accidentally stumbling into enemies or bystanders. It also aids in identifying which targets may need to be removed (killed or cable tied) and which can be safely bypassed, and of course can aid in timing when it is safe to move out of cover. Players should still remain alert, however, as the brief duration and intermittent nature of the highlighting effect may still result in a target moving in the few seconds between recharges of the effect, perhaps moving out of the 10 meter radius or even turning the corner around whatever cover the player is hiding behind. Players should also be aware that though this skill highlights civilians, which direct target marking will not,

it does not highlight cameras as direct target marking does - only people. Shadow Raid is perhaps the best example of both the value of this skill and the need for caution to avoid overdependence upon it, as it can greatly aid in locating guards and determining which are hazards to navigation in the narrow corridors and numerous blind turns while still requiring the player to use caution to avoid the many cameras both inside and outside the warehouse.

The aced version of this skill is useful, but only in a very specific and limited set of circumstances as it currently functions. On certain heists where a keycard is available in a location accessible during casing mode (e.g. Firestarter day 3, or The Big Bank ) it can be used by a player with high concealment to obtain the card during casing mode so as to save time later, or as cheaper low level alternative to ECM Overdrive. In Bank Heist variants, however, the keycard may not be accessible anyway since it is random chance as to whether it is left in the bank manager's office or carried on his person and alternatively, with the exception of the Firestarter version, can also be purchased during Pre-planning with Control Freak. Additionally, on Four Stores it can be used during casing mode to obtain money left lying out, thus getting a head start on the $15K mission objective. Again, however, the random chance factor should be accounted for, as only betweeen 1 to 4 such bundles will spawn on the entire map. This arguably makes its cost of 3 skill points too high to be worthwhile.

  • The skill could be based off a mechanic from the game "XIII" in which, if the player stood still for long enough, they were able to visualize the footsteps of enemies nearby. payday pickup

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