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An update!

By Chris Toy on October 4, 2012

Why hello there, it’s been a while. And it sucks! Basically I had really hoped to get Studs Up going again right for the start of the season and obviously that hasn’t really happened, and for the same reason that I had to take a break from it the middle of last season – I just don’t have as much time as I used to for a passion project like this. I started Studs Up in 2008 I think, and a lot has changed since then. I love doing it, but in order to do it in a way where I can enjoy creating the comics and feel like I’m happy with what I’m showing you guys – I need a few hours a day I just don’t have right now. I could jam it into 20 minutes and spout something out and I have for some comics in the past, and it just left me feeling nauseous and angry with myself as though I had just eaten an entire cake in the bathroom. Not sure why that was the analogy I went to, but whatever.

I had

also mentioned some hopefully “big news” to come, that was because I was working on plans for a Studs Up animated series. 1-3 minute videos each week with a brand new story, I was super psyched as I’ve loved animated shows as long as I’ve loved comics. Sadly, it ended up falling through as the studio we want to use costs about $5K to produce 45 seconds of animation and while we had interest from sponsors to help fund the first season – it ultimately fell through. I considered putting it on Kickstarter, but haven’t decided for sure.

So thats where we are. I do have a few more options to try and make it a little easier for me to find the time to do SU and I’ll see how those come together, but for now its still in a holding pattern. I do want to try and finally finish the book collection and at least get that out for you guys for some closure if this is indeed the end, but I’m still optimistic at figuring out how to get Studs UP back again – maybe in a new home or new format. If you have questions, hit me up on Twitter .

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