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Cloaker (Payday 2)

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"In any serious criminal activity, it is important to keep a watchful eye on air-vents, small windows and generally dark areas, because if you don't spot these bastards before they strike, you won't get a second chance. " —Bain's Description

The Cloaker  is a special enemy in PAYDAY 2 . They serve mostly the same role from the original game, attacking players from unexpected angles with a kick that incapacitates in one hit, then continuing to beat down the player. They are distinguished by their green goggles and gas mask, as well as the electrical feedback sound they emit when close by. This sound is heard briefly after the Cloaker spawns, regardless of the player's position.

If the Cloaker downs a player they do not go to Bleedout. nor does their attack count towards the 3 allowed downs before going into Police Custody.

A player revived after being downed by a Cloaker will have the standard revive-hitpoints. This can mean the Cloaker can remove half your health with a single strike, but it can also allow the player to heal without consuming a down, Doctor Bag. or First Aid Kit.



"The special operatives in the SWAT teams. Specialists in infiltration. They can get into areas that our standard teams just can’t go, so they have the advantage of striking from almost anywhere. Each Cloaker swallows up a big chunk of the budget for their high-tech equipment and martial arts training.

My Notes:  Christ knows how much money was poured into this program. But it seems to be paying off. They're one of the most effective operatives on the roster. Thing is, this program seems to attract the craziest guys on the force. Most are ex-special forces, used to operating alone. Kinda screws them up. All that money, all that tech, and we hand it over to these batshit crazy lone wolves. If we could only co-ordinate them better with the regulars. " —FBI Files Description

A Cloaker

Cloakers will normally spawn in to the map by using objects such as manhole covers, ventilation grates and normal enemy spawn points. Players can normally detect their presence by the high pitch noise they emit, which sounds similar to the ringing of telephones or a holler. After spawning, Cloakers behave somewhat like regular enemies, although they are stealthy in their movements and will take alternate routes to flank players. They generally fight like regular enemies with their Compact-5 submachine gun until they get close enough to charge and kick a player, which will incapacitate a player in one hit.

A Cloaker behind the door

unexpected angles. Like in the first game, Cloakers will beat downed players with their nightsticks, occasionally kicking and taunting them until they spot a new target. If a Cloaker can not find a player to attack after spawning, it may decide to hide under objects such as vehicles and large objects, or hide

on top of objects attached to the ceiling to drop down on unsuspecting players searching for them, or simply wait around corners and behind doors to ambush players instead of rushing in with other SWAT units.

In terms of appearance, Cloakers may appear similar to a Blue SWAT unit at first glance, although their head shape is slightly different from other SWAT units due to their goggles, and wear darker armor than the Blue SWAT. This unassuming appearance will usually allow Cloakers to blend in with a mob of SWAT units. The only time a Cloaker's appearance will stand out is when its goggles glow green after it has decided to charge a player, along with an increase in the electric sound's volume. This visual/audio warning is usually too late to be helpful, however, players that aim for the head can still kill the Cloaker before it can take the player down (usually playing the attack animation, but having no effect, and dying afterwards). Cloakers may also lie on the ground to appear dead, then suddenly roll to the side and stand up to attack.

Cloakers are capable of jumping over cover in order to attack players. Do not be lured into a false sense of security just because you are hiding behind an object. They are also extremely fast and can close distances quickly. When taking damage, after incapacitating a player, or when setting up ambushes around a downed player, Cloakers will often drop a smoke bomb to further mask their movements. If a Cloaker has successfully downed a player, it will drop a smoke bomb upon death, which is usually lighter than standard SWAT smoke grenades. Additionally, the Cloaker's kick attack has a short cool down period of around 10 seconds. It is vital that a Cloaker is killed before trying to revive his victim as he can wipe out the entire crew if attempting to revive downed players while he is still active.

A standing Cloaker can still kick if a heister is in range without emitting the traditional ringing noise, so keep an eye out when moving through tight spots as they have a particular habit of ambushing players silently this way.

As of the Death Wish update, Cloakers will occasionally 'team up' with Tasers in an attempt to quickly incapacitate the crew.

As of Update #25. Cloakers can now perform side flips and quick jump recoveries in attempts to dodge bullets.


Cloakers will not instantly down a player playing completely solo without team AI.

Cloakers are usually spawned into the play field via specified spawn points like vents or manholes. There is an upper limit for how many Cloakers are allowed on the map at once, which scales to the chosen difficulty. Triggered spawns (such as a Framing Frame Day 2 ambush) do not count towards this limit. payday pro protein bar

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