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The Car Shop is contracted through Bain by an unknown party. In this heist, players have to steal one or multiple luxury cars by stealthily accessing the car keys, and then escape by driving the car through an underground highway.

  1. Enter the Store
  2. Find the storage room with the keys
  3. Find the manager and grab his keycard
  4. Get into the Managers Office
  5. Find the IT-Guys Computer
  6. Hack the Computer ( 99 Seconds)
  7. Grab some C4 from the van
  8. Plant 4 C4 Charges on the Street
    • (Optionally) If the alarm has gone then you will be able to place the C4 without waiting.
  9. Open the storage room door and get the car keys
  10. Escape to the docks with one of the four cars
  11. Park the car in one of the four containers.
  12. Escape


In order to escape with the cars, players must complete three objectives: enter the manager's office to discover who the newest IT technician is; hack the said Technician's computer to unlock the key storage room; and place four charges on the road opposite, so Bain can blow an escape route into the underpass below.

Spawning outside at a southern corner of the map, players can access the building from four points: the main entrance, which is highly visible and has a high presence of guards; the western side, a metal security door which leads directly into the bottom floor IT offices; the north-eastern side, another metal security door that contains the maintenance stairway and access to all floors; and the north side, which has an external spiral staircase directly to the roof. The rear of the building can only be accessed externally by passing through the side road to the west or employee parking lot to the east, both of which have electronic gates that must be rewired open (8 seconds).

In order to access the manager's office (always upper floor, eastern side) players must either collect the keycard from the manager himself, or smash the window to his office and climb through it (triggers the alarm). Examining the whiteboard, the next step is to find the Technician's PC and hack it (99 seconds), which will either be in the office opposite to the manager's office, in the office in the back of the bottom floor, or at the office overlooking the entrance. If the alarm has sounded at this point, it is highly recommended that one player head out to place the C4 rather than wait for the hack to finish.

Once the hack completes, players can enter the key room, which will be in near the reception on the bottom floor or adjacent to the upper IT office. After grabbing the keys and placing the C4, Bain will detonate the road outside, allowing players to drive straight into the escape route opposite the dealership. It is highly advised that players exercise care when escaping, as the amount of time to reach the docks can vary greatly between attempts. With the car(s) parked and exited, all players must rush to the escape van before the point of no return hits zero.

A well coordinated team of 3 with ECM Specialist aced and ECM Overdrive basic can quite easily complete the heist by brute force, even on Death Wish. Mask up as soon as spawn in, and place down the first ECM, time it so the ECM goes down as you enter the front door. Now kill everyone in the store, take great care when you shoot to not hit any windows or display cases, as they will set off the alarm, dooming the heist. Guards are a priority as their shots will sound the alarm if they hit alarmed glass.

Have one player assigned to finding and killing the manager, as this needs to be done very quickly, within 25 seconds is great. Once everyone is dead the other 2 players should move to the offices on the first and second floor respectively, and wait for the name of the computer needed hacking. The computer hacking should be started before the end of the second ECM, preferably within 45 seconds.

As the computer will take 99 seconds to hack now its just a waiting game. Be sure to communicate when the ECMs go down so the chain can be upheld, as any mistake will set off the alarm. Since the computer will take 3 ECMs to hack, and you used about 2 to get the computer up, that will leave the team about 30+ seconds to place the C4. It can be done alone but if the entire team places the C4, getting back inside and getting keys can be comfortably done within the time limit, leaving the escape the only thing left. If you get a 4th player carefully timing the different parts is no longer needed.

  • On Normal difficulty, only 5 Guards spawn, and 1 is behind the back, so it's recommended you

    use this to practice the new driving mechanics before attempting on higher difficulties.

  • The name of the new IT guy is written on the whiteboard in the manager's office, use this to match the nameplates on the walls of the cubicles. There is also a second office adjacent to the manager's office with a nameplate just outside the door, so make sure to check this if you can't find the right cubicle.
  • As soon as the computer hacked is started, guards and civilians will be alerted if they see it regardless of whether it's completed or not. With this in mind, have someone watch over the PC when its time to plant the C4, or move quickly when it's clear.
  • The game only allows you to place the C4 when the hack is done or the alarm sounds. As such, it can help to have someone tactfully sound the alarm and start placing the C4 when the hack is almost done; doing so will save
25 seconds, and can make the "Gone in 240 seconds" achievement easier to achieve.
  • It should also be noted that trying go up the stairs while in casing mode will force you to put on your mask, but the guard standing next to you will not necessarily be alerted if you crouch down as soon as the mask is on and keep moving up. That being said, this is not to be attempted without prior planning as there might be civilian and/or other guards on the immediate landing of the stair who can potentially raise an alarm if the player is sighted.
  • If the alarm is triggered before finding the manager (e.g. attempting the "Gone in 240 seconds" achievement), players can smash the window furthest from his office door and get around the whiteboard to read it, bypassing the need to find the manager and get his keycard.
  • AIs cannot see through windows with blinds behind them. Use that to your advantage.
  • Wait for your whole team to get to the key storage room before taking the keys, as Bain will trigger the C4 explosion when the first person approaches a car to drive off. This ensures that everyone is ready before the escape timer appears.
  • Driving
    • Slow down when making sharp turns to avoid crashing into the wall or flipping the car.
    • If a car is flipped it will respawn upright and nearby, albeit after several seconds.
    • The layout of the route never changes, so practice on easier difficulties before going on harder difficulties.
    • In multiplayer runs, communicate with your teammates before the start of the heist to know who will drive and who will be passengers.

    • The Manager can be found in 1 of 7 locations, all equally likely to occur [1].
      • Wandering around the building
      • Sitting at a table upstairs at the rear of the building, conversing with a woman
      • Talking with a couple upstairs, right above the Falcoginis
      • Talking to a colleague in the office overlooking the entrance
      • Talking to a colleague in the second floor IT office
      • In the meeting room with two other colleagues
      • Alone in the copier room to the left when you come up the front stairs
    • The location of the Storage room varies between being on the upper floor or the lower floor.
    • Civilians may be found in the offices or on the seats.
      • On higher difficulties, the civilians that originally only spawns with the Manager (e.g. the black lady talking to the Manager at the seats upstairs) might spawn without the manager and regardless of the manager's actual randomized location.
    • The name of the IT Guy, the 17 names corresponding to the 17 computers and the location of the IT Guy's computer are all randomized.
    • From Very Hard to above, cameras will spawn in random positions around the building.
    • On higher difficulties, after the IT Guy's computer begins hacking, one to two patrolling guards (depending on the difficulty) will be automatically routed to the computer, and will raise the alarm if they see the computer being hacked.
    • The location of the van (and the C4s inside it) varies between two locations:
      • On side of the street opposite to the car shop, opposite to the right gate.
      • On the car shop side of the street, near the left gate.
    • The two side doors might be open or closed.
      • If the right door is open, the door inside it will always be locked, and on higher difficulties, a camera will be looking at it. If the right door is closed however, the door inside it will be open and no camera will spawn in that location.

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