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Parmesan Ranch Snack Mix

Consider this my contribution to Superbowl party recipes. I’m just a month early.

My husband thanked me for being early because this is totally his thing.

I almost didn’t want to tell him that it takes less than five minutes to make a batch. Having it appear that I was on my feet for long hours and slaving away in the kitchen may help my chances of securing an extra long back rub or foot massage.

I combined one packet of dry ranch dip seasoning mix with canola oil, stirred, and then poured the green-flecked oil over a bowl of  popcorn, pretzels, and nuts. If you don’t have ranch mix, most any type of prepared powdered salad dressing or dip mix will work. Or make your own seasoning mix with herbs, spices, and salt. For convenience and flavor, buying prepared mix was well worth the 99 cents.

I love popcorn and eat it almost every day, and made sure to include it in the mix. I quickly and easily make popcorn in the microwave by adding two to three tablespoons of kernels to a brown paper lunch bag, fold the top down twice, and heat for about ninety seconds on high power. Don’t add oil, butter, or anything else; just the unpopped kernels. When the popping sounds are less than every two seconds or so, it’s ready. Doing it this way is a cinch, it saves so much money not being dependent on pre-packed microwave popcorn packets, and I can control what goes into or onto my popcorn because in general, prepared microwave popcorn is far too fake-buttery and sodium-laden for my taste.

For the snack mix, I recommend using waffle-board stye pretzels because they do a good job trapping the coatings in their window pane-like crevices, but most any type of pretzels will do. Feel free to mix-and-match the dry ingredients based on what you have and enjoy. Add crushed saltines, oyster crackers, crumbled Ritz or Club crackers, potato chips, Doritos, tortilla chips, or whatever is taking up space in the pantry.

I also had leftover peanuts from the Peanut Chewy Payday Bars. and if I would have had cashews or Rosemary Chipotle Almonds. I would have included them. This is a great recipe for cleaning out the bottom of the bags of this-and-that, which seem to plague my cupboards.

Combine the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl, and toss to coat them with the oil-seasoning mix. Microwave on high power for two minutes, stopping after one minute to toss. The oil has a tendency to pool at the bottom of the bowl and it should be coating the goodies, not sunk at the bottom. Don’t be alarmed if it looks a bit on the oily side because it all gets absorbed. The cheese added next helps with that.

Sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese, toss, and dig in. This didn’t last long here because my husband loves pretzels in any way, but especially ones that are coated with savory herbs, spices, and Parmesan cheese. The different textures from the popcorn and peanuts make this an addictive snack.

Ready in five minutes, crunchy, salty, and perfect for those spur of the moment munchies.

Almost too easy.

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