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User Friendly Enhancements:

Pricing Options:

  • Only $1,995 per store location. Cash Advance Pro may be networked with as many computers as you like for no additional charge. Optional technical support is available for $75 per month per store location. Technical support includes software updates and unlimited technical support phone calls. Automatic monthly support billing may be setup using a credit card, for more information call us at 352-564-1512.
  • As an alternative to purchasing the software, we have a lease option available for $175 per month per location. Leasing the software includes technical support and software updates. Automatic monthly lease payments may be setup using a credit card, for more information call us at 352-564-1512.
  • Cash Advance Pro Lite is only $995 for one computer per store location. Optional technical support is available for $75 per month per store location. We also have a lease option available for $125 per month per location.

Multi-User and Multi-Store Technical Information

Cash Advance Pro is designed on advanced Client / Server technology so that you will not be limited as your company grows. Need to add more computers? No problem. You can run as many computers as you want at a store location without any additional fees. Getting them set up is a breeze. Just create a shortcut to the server, and the system will run on that computer. There is not even a need to install the software on each client computer (although doing so might enhance performance a little).

The best news is that Cash Advance Pro uses TCP/IP protocol to communicate with its data server. This is the same protocol used to navigate the internet. So what this means is that you can easily expand to satellite locations with nothing more than an internet connection. That's right. You can run 1 store or 100 stores from one database location. All you need is an internet connection. Because all stores share their data, any store can conduct transactions on accounts in other stores. Separate close outs are done at each store, so each store's business summary information is separated. Note that Cash Advance Pro is priced per location.

Even if you choose to use a model which hosts a different database at each location, you can take advantage of the Client / Server technology by using our Change Database feature. With broadband internet connections at your stores, you can easily change your working database to any of your stores with just a few mouse clicks.

Cash Advance Pro Features:

  • Enter a loan with definable amount & terms.
  • Multi User & Multiple Cash Drawer Capabilities.
  • Ability to restrict loan amounts to minimum & maximum allowable amounts.
  • Ability to restrict an individual customer's credit limit.
  • Automatically calculate different interest rates based upon specified loan amounts.
  • Ability to override interest amount on new loans.
  • Track all money going in to & out of the cash drawer.
  • Track the number & total amount of held checks.
  • Print contracts, checks, & payment receipts, with the ability to reprint at any time.
  • Track Petty Cash & Miscellaneous Receipt Transactions.
  • User definable Petty Cash & Miscellaneous Receipt categories & reason codes.
  • Petty Cash expenses & Miscellaneous Receipt functions for the cash drawer.
  • Transfer funds between cash drawers.
  • Easy renewals which will satisfy an existing loan & establish a renewed loan.
  • Renewal loans are tracked separately from new loans.
  • Automatic principal reduction after a specified number of renewals.
  • Can calculate simple interest or contractual interest amounts.
  • Customizable Receipts, add company logo &/or slogan.
  • Bank deposit tracking with month to date & year to date calculations.
  • Bank deposit is auto calculated based on the beginning balance for the day, this feature can be disabled.
  • Ability to give non-cash credits on individual loans.
  • Ability to change loan status such as Charge-off, Difficult, Legal, etc. Some statuses will stop accumulating interest.
  • Ability to charge-off loans to bad debt yet retain them for future records.
  • Bad check tracking. Collect payments on Bad checks. Customizable Bad check letters.
  • Delinquency reports.
  • Late fee collection with ability to waive & track the number & amount of late fee waivers.
  • Ability to add notes & comments to customer records.
  • Ability to flag an alert notice on a customer so another employee accessing that customer record will
be notified with urgent messages concerning the customer.
  • Ability to color-code customer records based on standards definable by you.
  • Support for printing mailing labels & envelopes.
  • Multi-level security with individual password login for each employee.
  • Complete tracking of every employee transaction & when they do it.
  • Automatic security verification screen pops up after a specified length of inactive time passes.
  • Calendar & calculator pop-up screens for fields that require date & numeric inputs.
  • Context sensitive help system.
  • Easy transaction reversals of any transaction done during the current business day.
  • Cash Checks for flat fee or percentage fee based on the check amount.
  • Create & modify as many reports as you like with our built-in Report Designer.
  • Export reports to various file types such as pdf, excel, etc.
  • Ability to email reports to anyone anywhere.
  • Customizable Quickbooks export.
  • Attach pictures to Customer & Loan Records.
  • Attach documents to Customer & Loan Records (pdf, word, excel, etc).
  • ACH integration with Advantage Payment Systems (for more information please see our Software & Hardware Integration page).
  • Teletrack queries (for more information please see our Software & Hardware Integration page).
  • Check verfication system with Check A Check (for more information please see our Software & Hardware Integration page).
  • Credit Card Processing with X-Charge Software (for more information please see our Software & Hardware Integration page).
  • View our Screen Tour to learn more about Cash Advance Pro. This tour highlights various Cash Advance Pro screens to give users a brief introduction to our software. Proceed with our screen tour.

    For a more extensive overview, we have our training videos available for online viewing. These videos provide on-screen text to guide users on how to make the most of Cash Advance Pro's most popular features. View list of available training videos.

    To purchase or lease our software, use one of the following methods:

    1. Pay from our website using our Paypal interface page. Paypal sends money using your bank account information, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express credit cards. (Click here or on the Payments button at top of page).

    2. Pay via credit card by phone, call us at 352-564-1512 or 800-385-0654. (Visa & Mastercard are accepted).

    3. Pay by check. Make your check payable to Bestware, Inc. & mail to the following address:

    Bestware Inc.

    431 NE 1st Street

    Crystal River, FL 34429

    (352) 564-1512

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