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"GenSec's overland armored convoys employ alot of ex-military types, providing firepower and muscle. And they move everything from little Jimmy's favorite baseball card, to the crowned jewels. We got a line of a convoy coming in to D.C. Let's see what we can get. " —Bain offering one of the heists.

Transport are the missions included in the Armored Transport DLC for PAYDAY 2 . All 5 variations are one-day heists.



Contracted by Bain. this heist involves the crew attacking immobilized GenSec armored trucks for the loot contained within. The heist takes place in one of five different settings: Crossroads, Downtown, Harbor, Park and Underpass.

While locations may vary, the prime objective is fixed: the crew will have to open anywhere from one to four GenSec armored trucks and rob the deposit boxes of their contents. The truck

doors can be drilled or blasted open, though using explosives destroys two of the rearmost boxes and their contents.

Occasionally, a Bulldozer maybe sitting inside one of the trucks and will engage the team once that truck is opened. The chance of this happening seems to increase with the heist's chosen difficulty.

Once a single pack of loot has been bagged, the escape vehicle will call in to notify the crew. Any remaining requisite loot must be bagged as well, and moved to the vehicle before the crew can leave.

It is recommended that you wear heavy armor in all of these heists, since you start in combat, the trucks are relatively close to your spawn-point, and the setting (Crossroads, Downtown etc.) is not that big.

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