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Security guard

A Security guard on post at the First World Bank .

The security guard is the weakest enemy, usually armed only with a Crosskill .45 pistol. He has the lowest accuracy, lowest firepower and lowest endurance of all the enemies. Security guards appear in First World Bank as the bank guards, Green Bridge as the prison transport drivers, Slaughterhouse as the armored vehicle drivers and in No Mercy as the ICU guards.

In Diamond Heist. each security guard carries a Compact-5 and wears a red shirt for higher patrols. This variant also appears in No Mercy as the guard who is sent to check on the malfunctioning cameras, and must be silently eliminated before he can set off any alarms. Red-shirted security guards are also much more difficult to make surrender than regular security guards.

When immediately behind a player, the security guard can cuff them, preventing them from moving or attacking for up to 60 seconds. Within that time, a crewmate may uncuff the player; if the 60

seconds pass first, then the cuffed player may uncuff themselves by holding down the interact button. The process of uncuffing only takes about a second. There is virtually no cooldown for this ability, so a single security guard can cuff several players in quick succession.

Despite not technically being law enforcers, security guards are treated as such for the game's challenges. As the weakest enemy, the security guard is a primary target for players who wish to progress in the "Saving bullets " and "Owning the law " challenges.

Security Guards have a base health of 2 and up to 4 health on Overkill 145+.

Security Guards have a base headshot multiplier of 2.


The cop. also known as the police officer. is armed with a Crosskill .45 pistol or Reinbeck shotgun. In each heist, he is encountered between the beginning of the heist and the end of the first assault.

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