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Kobus 90

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The Kobus 90 submachine gun is a secondary weapon available in PAYDAY 2 . It is the last non DLC SMG available to the player, being unlocked alongside the Deagle.



The Kobus 90 has a very high magazine capacity of 50 rounds, and can be modified for relatively high damage. Although it has a considerable amount of recoil, it is still not as high as the Para's and can be compensated much easier. This makes it a capable well-rounded SMG.

However, while it is very versatile, it cannot be modified to cope with a specific situation, like the Compact-5 and the Para can, only being able to equip the standard 5 attachments slots. It also has a relatively small reserve ammo pool, allowing for only 1 extra magazine. Another flaw is its slow reload speed for any players who don't

have SMG Specialist.

Despite its flaws, for offensive missions where stealth is irrelevant, a Kobus 90 with Long Barrel and Fire Breather Nozzle is easily one of the best weapons to bring, beating even the Krinkov in terms of damage.



The default iron sight on the Kobus 90.

  • Huge magazine capacity, surpassed only by either a modified Swedish K (52 bullets) or Para (55 bullets)
  • Extremely high rate of fire
  • Good base concealment
  • Cons:

    • Limited range of mods (no grip/stock, etc.)
    • Carries only one spare magazine
    • Has a fairly slow reload without skills
    • Lacks stealth-enhancing attachments and total Concealment is penalized substantially when mods are introduced. payday trivia

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