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Security Alert - Debt Collection Scam

payday usa scam

Cash America International, Inc. and its subsidiaries (Cash America, Cashland, SuperPawn, and Payday Advance) along with many other lenders have been targeted by an unknown group that is making telephone collection calls and/or sending emails attempting to collect debt on our company’s behalf. We want to inform you that these calls are not being made by us or anyone affiliated with us. The Cash America family of companies values all of its customers and we are working directly with authorities to stop these fraudsters.

Recognizing Fake Collectors

Our in-house collectors follow strict policies and procedures, industry best practices, and comply with the law. These fraudulent collectors do not. You should be suspicious that a collection caller is fraudulent if:

    You have never received a cash advance from/through Payday Advance, Cashland, Cash America or SuperPawn. You received a loan with one of our businesses, but paid it back in full. The caller/email threatens violence, intimidation or uses foul language. The caller/email threatens arrest or other criminal action, or references your driver’s license or check fraud. The caller/email threatens to garnish your wages. The caller is unable or unwilling to provide loan agreement information or payment history when you ask for it.

According to some of the people who have received fraudulent collection calls:

    The callers have a strong Indian (Asian), Middle Eastern, or other foreign accent. The caller reads out your bank account, Social Security Number or date of birth (this is done by the fake collector to show legitimacy). The caller has very poor English speaking skills.

Reporting A Fraudulent Collector Call

    If you have never received a loan from/through Cash America, Payday Advance, Cashland or Super Pawn, please call (800) 572-3577 to provide us the details of the incident that we can share with authorities. Contact your State Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint. Use the FTC link and reference “fake payday collection fraud.” Do not give out any personal information to inbound callers. Tell fraudulent callers that you have contacted the authorities and that you have been instructed not to pay or give out any personal information.

For more information, please refer to the CFSA or Better Business Bureau Web sites or read the consumer alert from your area. The FTC has also published a list of Debt Collection Questions and Answers to help consumers found at

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