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I can't seem to eat all of my points! We eat so many fruits and veggies lately it's hard to find enough point-foods to eat in one day. If I don't get to my total pts for the day, I don't make them up with junk, that wouldn't make sense.

Yes, if you eat foods with higher protein/lower carbs(power foods) you're good to go! Here is an average day for me. Pre Breakfast: Protein shake(scoop protein powder w/ water)(2). Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal(4) with 3 egg whites(1) & banana(0). Snack: apple(0) & reduced fat cheese stick(1). Lunch:low carb pita(3) with low sodium turkey(1) & RF cheese(1), 1 cup of 0 point soup(0). Snack: 1/2 cup greek yogurt(1) w/ blueberries(0). This leaves me with 15 points+ for dinner and another snack(I get 29 daily points+). Tonight's dinner was 1 can of tuna(3) w/ light mayo&relish(1), more 0 point soup(0), and I just ate the tuna with Trader Joe's pita chips(2)(Not my ideal dinner, but I needed a no cook option this evening). I have 9 points+ left! Here I come frozen yogurt!:). Plus, I hiked for 1&1/2 hrs this morning w/ a friend and did the TRX at my gym for 45mins today. I'm guessing that's about 13 activity points+.

Wow I have opposite problem on this plan. Have to be intentional about eating all points. My recommendations. FRUIT. It's free. why not take advantage? When you eat dinner bulk it up with free foods like broccoli. Other foods. hummus, pistachios, peanut butter, cheese, oatmeal, think high protein and high fiber and chuck the carbs! If you have 100 cal packs get rid of them. No longer worth it on this plan. These are things i did to lose and the only way I had success. Long before new plan even.

I have been successful by eating a little something every couple of hours. Like mentioned earlier choose filling foods and use your zero points plus fruits and veggies!

I'm super picky about fruit and veggies, so eating a lot of it has been a challenge for me. but I'm loading up on as much as I can and have kept my hunger at bay pretty well. I've also cut down on carbs a bit, since those are the things that tend to have higher points on the new system.

Whenever you start a new diet program that radically changes the way you've been eating--especially if you've been enjoying holiday treats to the fullest :)--it's likely that you're going to be hungry the first couple weeks as your body adjusts to eating less fat, calories, sugar, etc. Jut another thought.

I am finding it hard to use all of my daily Points Plus points. I usually have 7-10 left over. Perhaps it is that fruit is now zero points now and I eat a lot fruit when I would like something sweet. I also find it easier to keep hunger at bay by eating several small meals through out the day. I normally eat about 6 times per day and that really helps. Planning ahead is really key to this. I usually track and plan the night before and bring what I need to work or in the care if running errands.

I find that the amount of points I have is just right. I like to eat, so I eat every couple of hours, but I get a really good balance of food on this. And being a sugar junky, I still can have a little something everyday.

paige said.

you might want to take a look at what you're eating at meals. make sure you're including zero point fruits and vegetables to bulk them up and that way you're not using point's plus value foods and you will have points for snacks. i have 29 points a day which is the lowest possible and i always have points for snacks so you should be able to work it out! good luck!

I knew you would all have great advice, thanks for commenting! I find the best thing to do is to make a shopping list, plan your meals for the week and buy lots of fruit and vegetables. Nothing is worse than starting any diet and not having anything to eat. Good luck!

Anonymous said.

@Gina. where can you buy the Natural Vines soft licorice?

First of all. If you go to meetings speak with your leader. Maybe you are making the wrong choices for food. I know that I get 30 points a day, plus I get activity points and a lot of times I'll use all my daily points, but don't usually use all of my weekly allowance points. I can't say that I am hungry unless I go too long without eating. I work two jobs and sometimes I don't get to eat my afternoon snack. Also drink lots of water or plain herbal tea. Also in response to gina I found the natural vines on or but you have to buy a large quantity. Good luck!

I am also questioning the new Points Plus Program. Since Sept. 2009, I've lost and kept off 43 pounds on the old Points system and am now lifetime. Right after the changeover, and having MORE points, I've noticed that my weight is creeping upwards. (a gain of 5 pounds). WW says it has changed its program to encourage members to make healthy choices. I ALWAYS felt that I made healthy choices (fresh fruit over a processed "health" bar), so I really feel that WW has encouraged those members with bad habits to change, yet has penalized me for always making good choices. (at the expense of gaining weight!!) How can any fruit be "zero points" with all its natural sugars. It's impossible! I'm considering leaving the Plan and trying SparkPeople, a site that was mentioned in an earlier email. Maybe counting calories, with the

I get 29 points a week, and have not been hungry once, unless I go for too long of a time between meals or snacks. My problem is the fact that I DO NOT like to cook. I buy WW frozen meals at Target because most of the time, they are $2.00 or less each, so they save me money. With each meal that I eat I also have plenty of veggies and eat fruit inbetween main meals, especially when I get a craving for sweets. So far on the new plan I have lost one week, gained the next, lost the next, and gained the next and on and on. It's very disheartening especially since I have not allowed myself to be off plan ONCE, not even during the holidays, which was super hard. Now I know the WW Frozen prepared meals are high in carbs and sodium, but taking into account that I am refiguring the points each time I eat one (because I have not found any new meals with the new points system yet)and making a point to track each and everything that passes my lips, should't I still loose? I don't even use the extra 49 points a week that's allowed. I'm getting really frustrated, but refuse to give up. What's really frustrating is that I was loosing each week BEFORE the new change. Not sure what to do from here.

Anonymous said.

I just started the new WW points plus program and lost 3 lbs on week one. My greatest challenge has been not to eat resturant prepared food. I feel like I am going through withdrawal. I think I am not taking advantage of my point thoroughly because I do feel hungry all the time. WW really is all about find the proper way to eat and portion control which has been hard for someone like me who loves to eat large portions. I am really trying to motivate myself to start 10 mins on the treadmill as well. Just really hard to give up my fast food :(

Lots of mixed reviews, for those of you not losing, have you spoken to your WW leader?

I was/still am confused about the 0 fruit as well, since fruit is always a part of my life. I wouldn't over do it, I'm sure 5 bananas are not 0 so be careful!

I was not aware that WW frozen meals don't have the points plus yet, that is strange! I understand some people just don't like cooking, I wish I could convince you how much better it is for you to cook your own meals, even if it's only crock pot dinners! You could freeze the extra and have your own frozen meals.

Yes. Motivate yourself to get active.

Last week was my first week back on Weight Watchers, and my 1st experience with the new points plus program. For breakfast, I have 1/2 cup of egg beaters (1 pt) with diced green peppers and onion, 2tbsp regular sharp cheddar (1.5 pts) and 3 slices of oscar meyer delifresh ham, chicken or turkey (.5 pt). (Total breakfast, 3 pts) My midmorning snack is a banana. Lunch has been a 1 pt wrap with either grilled chicken (1 pt/oz = 3 pts) or 6 slices oscar meyer delifresh meat (1 pt), 1 Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedge (1 pt), lettuce, peppers, onions and pickles. (Total 3 to 5 points) Afternoon snack is a sliced apple dipped in FiberOne yogurt. (1 pt) By suppertime, I have spent about 9 of my 29 points. I went to Gina's and printed out tons of recipes for supper. I have a good protein and lots of steamed veggies dressed olive oil, lemon juice and fresh garlic, and sometimes will throw in a salad. (Total 12-15 pts) For dessert, I have a 3 pt chocolate muffin/cupcake. (1 box Devil's food mix, 1/2 cup applesauce and 1 cup water. Bake 24 muffins at 325-350 degrees for 18 minutes. yum!) I ate this six days last week and lost 4.4 lbs. My husband and daughter lost weight too!

I like to save all my points for my favorite meal (dinner) as well! Good for you and your family!

Anonymous said.

Which wraps have 1 point plus value?

Gina - I think they are just trying to get through all the old packaging of the WW frozen meals. Some of the ones in my grocery store are mixed, as they replinsh their stock the new ones have the new points. Other than that, my leader said to check our book because all of them are listed in there.

Thanks Kathryn for the choc. muffin idea and for everyone else for their inputs. I am having trouble switching over from the old plan to the new. I just don't like change and I had my old plan "planned" out very well. You guys have given me ideas on how to switch completely over.

I use Ole Mexican Foods Xtreme Wellness high fiber low carb wraps. 8 g protein, 5 g carbs, 2 gm fat, and 12 g fiber. The website is They also have a tomato basil wrap that is only one point+ too. I haven't checked the other flavors. I find them on a shelf stacker in the meat department at my local grocery. Ask your store manager if he can get them for you.

Another snack/dessert we like is pumpkin spice muffins for 3 pts. Take a box of spice cake mix, add a can of pure pumpkin (or 2 cups) and 1 cup of water. Bake at 325/350 for 18-22 minutes. It makes 24 muffins that are quite a treat!

I am still trying to make my peanut butter chocolate chip quesadillas WW friendly. When I do, I will share that too!

I am allotted 30 points per day, and I find that I only usually use about 22-26. While I can definitely relate to feeling hungry sometimes, I have

figured out a lot of tricks for filling meals (I have been on and off of Weight Watchers for a long time, mostly on the old points so I am adjusting to the new). I agree that the 0 point fruits is a great snack--try a baked banana or apple with a little brown sugar or lite chocolate syrup. I also think edamame make a great snack, or a light whole wheat English muffin. I also love veggies and dip, so I snack on that or hummus. For meals, I really like making big stir fry type dishes with lots of vegetables. You can use a lot of different sauces, including light teriyaki sauce or a home-made light curry (with lite coconut milk). Check out my blog too for some more ideas!

I am a lapsed lifetimer and went back to Weight Watchers when they rolled out the new program in Canada. Since starting the points plus, I have lost weight consistently (including through Christmas holidays) and am rarely hungry. My target is 29 points and I have no problem using them PLUS most of my weekly points.

From what I've heard on other Weight Watcher sites is the people who are having problems with the new program are trying to mix the old and new. counting fruit as 0 but using the old

program for everything else. You cannot mix the two.

I've also heard that some people are going a little crazy with the 0 point fruit. According to Weight Watchers, they have figured in 5 servings of fruit and we are to eat it to satisfaction. Some people are abusing that by eating 9 bananas plus other fruit in a day.

I'm not saying that anyone who's posted here about having problems is doing that, just what I've heard about others. It's just something to think about if you're having a problem.

sisita41 said.

Gina, I have to fess up. After my last post about not being able to loose, but making sure to count every single point while eating WW frozen meals, I took your advice this week. Did not. I repeat, DID NOT eat any of the frozen meals this week. Cooking was hard, as I hate to cook, so my meals were not gourmet, however they followed plan, and I lost 2.2 pounds this week. So you were right! Yes, I admitted it. you were right. Evidently it was all the sodium and the carbs that are in those meals, LOL Therefore, no more frozen meals for me unless I'm in a pinch. Thanks for listening.

I love PP - I have been losing weight consistently. I make all my own foods stay away from pre-packaged. I have been doing the PPP since 11/29 when it was rolled out and have been propelled into a new scale number I have never seen before 2lbs. from a 50 pound loss. So excited, this is the most liveable program ever.

Heather H said.

I joing WW about a month ago and now find I am eating WAY more than before WW. I get 29pts and try to eat 8pts for breakfast, 8pts for lunch and 10pts for dinner the last 3 are for incidentals! I have to admit though. without Gina's recipes I highly doubt my wife and I would be as successful as we are. and we probably would have dropped out of WW without them! I love that the new program is all about fresh food. it makes it so livable and we are feeling GREAT!

Anonymous said.

Both my husband and I feel really good now that we are choosing healthier things to eat. Ginas site is the best for this plan. The key for me is to write EVERYTHING down. Sometimes I get lazy with that, and thats gonna be my killer lol. Thanks so much for all this info, Im so glad I found Ginas site!

It's wonderful to swap better, healthier food for the food you were eating before. Not just for your weight, but for your overall health as well.

Anonymous said.

Read this book "Primal Mind Primal Body." Weight Watchers is old school in thinking that low fat works to lose weight. We need fat and fat does not make a person fat. That is why people are always hungry on WW's. Look at how fat America has gotten since the low-fat craze started in the 70's! Processed food and combining fat with sugar has made us fat! Read the book, starting eating as it suggests and you'll never be hungry again and you'll revert to your normal healthy weight.

I'm hungry a lot on the program too. I find that if I use my Weekly Points, then I don't lose weight. If I don't use my Weekly Points, then I'm hungry. I'm only using about half my Weekly Points on average. I've only lost 2 pounds in the last 2 months. It's infuriating. I'm tracking evvvverything.

I do have a thyroid problem, but I take meds and it's under control. That's not the problem.

My main glandular problem is salivary.

Sorry to disappoint, but the Ole wraps are really two points plus. The packaging does not reveal total carbs, which you must do for WW. The total carb count cannot be 5 when 12 of them are fiber. What the company did was they subtracted out the fiber for low-carbers. Your total carb count is really 17 (5+12 for fiber) making them 2 pts.

Anonymous said.

I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice. My husband and I are doing the new program without going to meetings. I have about 50 pounds to lose, and when I weighed in when I bought all the program materials, I was told I get 35 points a day. In the first month I lost 10 pounds, but now the scale isn't moving. I'm never hungry, seldom use all of my weekly points, and am a vegetarian. I typically eat an apple in the car on the way to work, then eat 1/4 cup oatmeal with 1/2 tbsp. each of flaxseed and brown sugar and 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon and 3 points worth of yogurt, along with a coffee with almond milk, all for 7 points. At lunch I eat leftovers, from the night before, usually a cup of pasta (5 points) with veggies and a cheese stick (1 point). Sometimes I have beans for 3 more points. At home I eat a veggie based dinner (tonight was portabello caps filled with spinach, onions, artichoke hearts, and dried tomatoes covered with 1/4 cup lowfat cheese on a bed of 1/2 cup quinoa and arugula with balsamic vinegar, no oil). I usually have 2 clementines and string cheese as a snack, and for dessert I have 44 points worth of ice cream or a little red wine and a square of dark chocolate.

Anonymous said.

Ha! I meant 4 points worth of ice cream! That would be an easy one to solve if I ate 44!

Ha. Yes it would, lol! I wonder what would happen if you ate all your points? Is it possible you're not eating enough? Perhaps you could male up the difference with healthy oils, nuts, etc. It's worth a try.

Thanks. I did recalculate, and I need to subtract a point. I still think I should be losing more, when you compare my diet now to before, when I had more alcohol and french fries!


Does anyone know if pineapple is a zero point fruit also what about the individual packaged sliced apples?

I dont understand why if fruit is a zero point food, why fruit juice would be 3 points? I'm talking juice that's JUST fruit. No sugar, no additives, just fruit. For example, I'd love to use fruit simple smoothie juice and crush it up with ice and eat that but I'm not wasting 3 points on a drink. Any ideas?

Tammie, because fruit is not technically ero points, but WW made it 0 to help you make better snacking choices. If used in a recipe, it's no longer 0.

But the only thing I'm adding in is ice. It's fruit that's been made into juice and ice. Nothing else. No water, no sugar, no added ingredients of any kind.

Tammie, use your judgement, if it's a piece of fruit pureed with ice, I guess IRS still fruit. I personally find the 0 points on fruit confusing and misleading.

I agree with you 100% on that LOL

Alyssa said.

when you eat a fruit (not drink juice) you are ingesting valuable fiber, and a good amount. When your body is digesting the fruit fiber it is actually BURNING CALORIES because it is not easy for your body to break down things like fiber and protein. you are making your body work by eating. (awesome right?!)this is why a whole fruit eaten raw is zero points. and also why just drinking the juice is worth points. (because your body does not work to digest the juice it just uses it right away as free calories that your body did not have to work for) I would also like to point out that there are vital nutrients in fruit. I noticed every time someone mentions fruit the following word is banana lol you should not think of bananas as being the only fruit, do not overeat bananas, instead try jicama, kiwis,blueberries,goji berries, apples, oranges, cantaloupe, mangos, pomegranates etc etc do not be afraid of the fruit, the fruit is your friend lol.

hope that settles the confusion

Alyssa said.

i would also like to add the breakdown of food that i learned from a weightloss doctor (it was a awhile back i hope i remember percentages 100% accurate)

during the digestion process you're body uses energy to break down foods. The three categories are protein, carbs, and fat. When you eat protein, 30% of the protein you consumed is used automatically during the digestion process. essentially 'you ate and retained 70%' what you 'actually' ate ( hope that makes sense) that is why diets like atkins works for a lot of people because you ONLY eat protein, but im not a caveman so thats not for me lol

For carbohydrates its 13%. 13% of the carbohydrates you eat is used during the digestion process.

And last and least, for fat its only 2%. 2% of the fat you eat is used during the digestion, the rest is either used for energy or stored for later use.

when eating protein high in fat it does not count as just protein. just because its meat doesnt mean the fat is unaccountable. the fat in the meat still breks down like regular fat (2%).

a little piece of info that really put things into perspective for me, maybe it will help someone else too.

Alyssa said.

sorry back again lol to the original post, its worth a shot to exchange some of the fat and carbs on your current plan for some lean protein. the reason they say you feel fuller longer is because your body takes longer and works harder to break it down. so it sits in you longer. or what i like to do when i get into 'stuff my face mode' or 'i need to feel very full mode' is eat a large baked potato with 2 tbs of sour cream. when i start eating it i cant wait to get to the end, about midway i start to realize that im going to be veryy satisfied by the end of the potato. might work for you too =]

Thank you! I hadn't thought of that. You are correct indeed.

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