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PlaNet Finance is a provider of services contributing to promote and develop the microfinance sector and thereby enable poor populations excluded from financial services to gain access to a loan, save or benefit from an insurance in order to create and develop revenue generating activities and protect from life’s risks.

A local support, an international expertise :

PlaNet Finance is built on an international network of 19 offices in

Europe, North America, Latin American, Asia, Africa and Middle East. It runs activities in close to 50 countries around the world.

PlaNet Finance, along with its team of experts, offers a full set of services to microfinance operators:

•Technical Assistance in Financial Inclusion

•Business development services

•Microfinance Plus programs, which link microfinance to social development programs (health, education, environment)

Through PlaNet University also provides training programs to professionals, donors and students. University.

PlaNet Finance is a member of a Group that Brings Together an NGO and socially responsible businesses for better synergies, the PlaNet Finance Group.

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