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Payday 2 is at core a co-op game, though it has a single player campaign for those who want to play. It gives you 4 characters of which you will be controlling one and if you are playing co-op mode then the other three will be controlled by your friends. If you are playing the single player campaign as a single player than the one character will be in your control and the rest of them will be controlled by computer AI. Follow the instructions given in the first comment to get Payday 2 PC download .

This game has essentially bank heist as the main plot and what you do during the heist in in your hands and the players that are playing with you. If you have 4 team players who know what their job is then you will have a great heist and get very rich. On the other hand if one of the team members is dumb and doesn’t do his job correctly, you will be in a jail for a long long time. So if you are playing with friends in co-op mode on a LAN then make sure you pick the correct person for the correct job. But first find Payday 2 free download given below to play.

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Download Payday 2 Free Full Version

If every team member associated in the battle is an efficient one then you are going to be rewarded with a great experience. Some of the great challenging action sequences can be seen if you work properly with the team. The main mode is four player co-op. This is the best you will see from this title, and offline single player mode is just simply there for people who don’t want to play the co-op, so don’t expect any great things from it. Still, enjoy Payday 2 PC download given on this page, as it’s

the full version you will be getting from here.

You will be picking up missions from a map and each time some of the random things will be changed like the location of the cameras or vaults and guards. So each robbery you attempt will be different and give you different challenges each time. You will be able to case the place before going to rob it, just like what happens in real life situations.

Payday 2 download for PC then follow the instructions to install it and play. The part where you are casing the place of your next crime and relaying that info you get from the location to your partners is one of the best things engrossing ones.

Payday 2 Free Download

The graphics have some irregularities but overall they look believable with nice looking streets when you are on the outside. But when you are inside the building everything changes and the graphics fall flat without any inspiration. If the developers had worked on the textures of the building from inside it would have been great, as most of the action happens inside the buildings. Anyways find Payday 2 PC download here and see what we mean.

One of the saving graces will be the sound effects. Whether it is the sound of the guns or the background music that builds an atmosphere, everything feels right at home for a robbery movie. Couple this with some nice animations for the shooting; you have a great looking action title on your hands. When the graphic glitches don’t interfere, it is a decent title and if you are playing the co-op mode then it’s better. Following link gives you full version of Payday 2 free download for PC. Use it to get the PC download or the one given above. You will find direct links or torrents, use whichever you prefer and start enjoying this great co-op title.

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