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Diamond Heist

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This article is about the PAYDAY: The Heist mission. For the similarly-named PAYDAY 2 heist, see The Diamond .

"25 million reasons to avoid guards and gunfire " —Poster tagline

Diamond Heist is a heist that takes place in a privately owned skyscraper containing a jewel vault. It was stated by Overkill that this heist would be the most difficult in the game.



"The 22nd floor of the Garnet Group Skyscraper holds $20 Million in diamonds, owned by Mr. Nathan Garnet. The top three floor all have high tech security systems and trigger happy guards. Luckily for us, there's also some "celebration" in progress. If we can get to all the alarm boxes without being detected, the vault will open and will relieve Mr. Garnet of his wealth without firing a single shot. " —In-game description.

The heist begins with

the crew entering on one of the three floors needing to attach tablets to at least three different panels throughout the building in order to disable the building's security system. The player's presence is unknown, and if they are able to avoid the eye sight of the security guards, the crew can avoid conflict for the first phase of the heist. If the players are seen, or if they are heard firing their weapons, the alarm will sound and the police will arrive.

If the doors remain closed, the players must make hostage exchanges between the skyscrapers owner, Mr.Garnet, making various trades between the CFO and Garnet's son, Ralph. Once the hostage trades are completed, the codes will work and the vault will open. Players will then be able to finally remove the jewels from the vault and make their escape via a helicopter piloted by Bain.

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