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Online Poker Tournament Strategy – Planet Mark’s Introduction To Sit And Go Planet

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When I first created this site 6 years ago, I had little idea just how many thousands of players I would help to become profitable. From humble beginnings with a few dozen articles, this site has grown to more than 2000 pages. is available in 8 languages and has expanded in scope to cover online poker tournaments of all sizes – from 1-table games to the biggest multi-table tournaments around – and of course qualifiers to big poker events.

My focus here is on beginners and recreational players who want to improve their skills and understanding to the point where they are consistently beating the games. I will show you a path to building a poker bankroll, and highlight the options for taking your game to the next level once you have built it.

I recommend new readers check out my course, the $16 per hour SNG Blueprint . This is

delivered by e-mail and has 4 parts, each building on the last to give you the skills and knowledge to beat 1-table tournaments for up to $16 each hour. Whether or not you choose Sit N Go tournaments as your specialist area long-term, this course will provide you with a method of topping up your poker account any time – a fantastic back up to have in place while you take a shot at cash games or bigger tournament formats. You can see my course preview here. or sign-up via the pop-up widget at the bottom of this page.

With so many articles to choose from the organization of this site has become important. You will find cross-over, however most of the articles fit nicely into one of the following categories. I have explained what you will find in each section of the site in detail in the next text section below.

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