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Payday Mod is designed to be a lot of things, but takes inspiration from Civ Life Mod for ARMA, Payday: The Heist and a few things from Grand Theft Auto among other games.

The objective is to deliver and fun and ‘arcadey’ experience within the ARMA 3 engine with character classes and a large economy system. Buy weapon upgrade, cosmetics, items like GPS and range finders, weapons, sensors, even full gang villa hideouts!

Player Classes:

Civilian :
      SMG and Scoped AR user
        *Fast Recovery - When tired, resets stamina back to full.

      *Deployable Medic Bag - Requires MedicKit and FirstAidKit. Drops a medic bag anyone can use to fully heal. Consumes a FirstAidKit each use, and lasts a limited time.

      *Reduced hideout prices

      *Can attempt to bribe guard for $20,000. If successful, guard becomes member of player's squad (gang).

    SMG and Stealth user
      *Smoke Screen - Can deploy smoke screens from vehicles.

    *Heartbeat Sensor - Using a mine detector the ghost can detect the number of nearby living humans.

    *Ghosts can quickly disable alarm generators.

    *Ghosts have highly reduced fall damage.

    SMG and AR user
      Nitro - Can use nitro in car to instantly boost speed.

    *Repair - Using repair kits, can fully repair any vehicle.

    *C4 - Can use C4 to quickly open safes.

    MG and AR/Grenade Launcher user
      *Strong Man - Enforces can carry gold sacks with no penalty.

    *Invulnerability - can't be killed for several seconds. Has audio cue that may alert enemies to use. Long cooldown.

    *Deployable Ammo Bag - Can consume a toolkit to deploy a bag of ammo, including grenades.

Police :
      SMG and Scoped AR user
        *Repair - Using repair kits, can fully repair any vehicle.

      *Smoke Screen - Can deploy smoke screens from vehicles.

      Can spawn Hunter Armored Vehicle and deploy Roadblock Barriers

Weapons Expert
    Grenade Launcher and Machine User
      *Temporarily Vehicle Invulnerability

    *Deploy Ammo Bag - Resupply squad in the field

    *Deploy Mounted MG

    *Smoke Screen - Can deploy smoke screens from vehicles.

    Can spawn SUV and deploy Sandbag Barriers

Scout Recon
    SMG and DMR user
      *Fast Recovery - Can reset stamina if tired

    *Nitro Boost

    Can spawn Little bird and deploy a small berm.

Combat Life Saver
    AR/SMG user
      *Vehicle has heart sensor capability

    *Deployable Medic Bag - Requires MedicKit and FirstAidKit. Drops a medic bag anyone can use to fully heal. Consumes a FirstAidKit each use, and lasts a limited time.

    Can spawn Medical Vehicle and deploy roadblock gate.


Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Gameplay Info:

    Crew Members (RED TEAM) can earn money from jobs (Bank, Import/Export, House Robbery, Gas Station, Warehouse, etc.). Money is also earned passively if you have less than 10,000 in your possession.

Money can either be stored in the bank, on your person, or on the ground. Use ATMs to transfer money to and from your account, and the “Y” button brings up the ability to a specific amount on the ground, which you could use to pay your crew, or, alternatively, bait your target into the open with the lure of free cash.

Items can be pawned or otherwise sold such as weapons, cars, and special bonus items like laptops, cameras and cell phones can be pawned. Gold can be sold for a good price at the Offshore Bankers.

Police receive a base salary and free vehicles, are free to confiscate loot from botched heists.

Many items, upgrades, weapons, vehicles, intelligence can acquired for money, even services like healing, re-painting a vehicle or repairing a vehicle can be bought. Explore the island to see what’s available! Guards

    Guards provide security for the missions. The funny thing about a guard is when you’re dressed like a civilian and don’t have a gun, he thinks you’re a civilian! What a sap!
    Civilians populate the map, and are generally civil about most things as long as they’ve had their coffee, but that’s another story. Some civilians even drive around vehicles, which some may refer to as “randomly” in an accusatory tone.

Civilians can be robbed and kidnapped and sold into slavery. Such a cruel world we live in.

    The higher your body count the higher the consequences. Police, SWAT Teams and even Special Forces will try to hunt you down if you are a big enough threat. Police will also be rewarded for eliminating high value threats accordingly.

There are many different mission types with quite a range of difficulty. The larger missions are nearly impossible without a disciplined crew! Or at least a bit of good luck.

  • 4 Stores. Put a few bullet holes in each of the shop’s buildings to ruffle the owner’s feathers.
  • Gas Station. A few guards guard a few safes. What could go wrong?
  • Warehouse. A few more guards guarding a few more safes. Sometimes you just get a crate of laptops or something so you need to go to a pawnshop to get rid of it.
  • Housecall. Sometimes you can find a juicy loot stash in some poor saps’ house. But it’s a lot easier if you pay one of the Shady guys at the Shady Shops a few bucks to let you know where to look.
  • Supply Raid. If you’re hard up for supplies you can always head down to the local military base and raid them. It’s probably only 15 or so commandos you’d have to kill, then find the air supply codes on their dead corpse, then look all through the complex to find the radio, then use it to call in the actual supply drop, and hope the reinforcements don’t massacre everyone. But who knows? It could work.
  • Bank. This is what you came for, isn’t it? High risk and high reward would be a good way to put it.
  • High-Security Bank. You'd almost have to be nuts to try this. Or at least have an experienced crew.
  • Police and Heister Missions:

    Generally police should return any stolen goods or vehicles to the HQ. Command would appreciate it.

    • Drug Intercept. Everyone knows the drugs are comming in to Altis by boat. What isnt known is exactly what beaches and and tactics these dealers are using.
  • Drug Warehouse. Not your typical guards, these guys are professional low-lifes. Safes are guarenteed to be full of drugs, which can be sold at shady shops. Cops are welcome to raid these guys as well.
  • Convoy Breakdown. Some genius in Logistics Company made sure we only had enough gas to get from Point A to Point B, the only problem is we're stuck at Point C. Get the convoy back to the police base, or the heisters could blow it up and steal the gold inside!
  • Chopper Crash. An MH-9 went down, but some of the crew is still alive! Recover the downed crew, and either capture or destroy the chopper!
  • Shops and Buildings:

    Explore to find all the shop types but here are the basics:
    • Weapon Shop. Here you can buy some basic weapons like pistols to perform your very first heist. Isn’t that cuuuutttteeeee?
  • Heavy Weapon. Some people don’t think you should be able to buy fully automatic weapons, grenade launchers and plastic explosives for cash. But those people are wrong.
  • Clothing shops let you change your pants. ‘Cause you should do that once in a while, you know.
  • Boat shops can provide an escape route the police might not be looking for or an afternoon of entertainment with cooler of cold beverages.
  • Armory. Body armor can be purchased at the armor stores. As they say sometimes Class IV body armor really is the difference between life and death.
  • Air Shops are great if you have a bunch of money and a helicopter gunship equipped with dual miniguns makes a great impression on the in-laws.
  • Shady Shops have intel about lucrative houses to rob and also offer deployable hideouts which allow formation of gangs and also offer gambling, though it’s some weird game he invented so I don’t really trust that guy!
  • Pawn Shops will purchase guns, gold and electronics. That guy didn’t ask any questions either now that I think about it
  • Buildings are interactive indicated by the flags at gas stations and hospitals, and there are many stores around the island.
    • Gas stations can repair, refuel and repaint vehicles for cash. You can also buy a vehicle from here if you get lost. For some reason gas is free in the future, or maybe I’ve just been stealing it all these years.
  • Hospitals treat injuries for money.
  • Offshore Banks offer good prices on gold.
  • Import-Export Garage has repo missions available, which require you to retrieve a specific model of civilian vehicle. You can also sell vehicles for scrap.
  • Known issues:

    It sometimes takes time for the "grab money" or "drill safe" or other actions to show up on items in the game (for the variables to propogate over the network).


    vBeta 1.07

  • [added] - Added mission to intercept drug plane.
  • [added] - VCOM Vehicle AI script added to Convoy and Tow Trucks. Should help AI not get stuck.
  • [added] - Added quadbikes to airport vehicle store
  • [added] - Custom paint job to airport vehicle store
  • [changed] - Gangsters now have a few uniforms to choose from.
  • [fixed] - Unable to spawn since ARMA 3 patch 1.48 (serverName now arma3 variable)

    vBeta 1.06

  • [added] - parameters for server admins to set variables (number of jobs, starting time, number of AI/civilian vehicles, time acceleration factor)
  • [added] - Added another factory location
  • [changed] - Reinforcements now spawn much nearer to the scene of the crime, if alarm is triggered.
  • [changed] - Gang motor pool missions have a chance for extra drugs
  • [fixed] - Gangsters had wrong ammo for their ARs
  • [fixed] - Player names when joining groups
  • [fixed] - Hostages setting off "civilian detected weapon"
  • [fixed] - Fixed buying m14 (would give L85)

    vBeta 1.05

  • [added] - RH Pistol pack (over 25 new weapons, mostly handguns/pistols). Now requires
  • [added] - AI police patrols
  • [added] - car bombs (purchase from shady shops, place in car, then remote detonate)
  • [added] - action to break down gold pallets
  • [added] - flashlights, suppressors and other weapon ad dons added to pawn shops/smugglers
  • [added] - car alarm sound when lock picking
  • [added/changed] - Killing a civilian as heister costs $200, from cash or bank account
  • [added/changed] - Guards and some missions will use @CUP weapons for guards/drops
  • [changed] - re-balanced cost of armor and backpacks to better reflect armor/size values
  • [changed] - changed reward for hostage siege mission, now based on number of surviving hostages
  • [changed] - More efficient loop code, server performance increase of 15% FPS. Client should see some gains as well.
  • [changed] - Shadyshop now sells shotguns, SMG, car bombs and technician C4
  • [changed] - Enforcer/Weapon expert ammo bag drop cooldown reduced to 200 from 240
  • [changed] - ammo cost increased to 50/mag from 25/mag
  • [changed] - medic bag active deploy time increased by 10 seconds (bag now lasts 35 sec)
  • [changed] - moved shadyshop 3
  • [fixed] - bug blowing safes as technician

    vBeta 1.04

  • [added] - hud for skills showing abilities/cooldowns
  • [added] - another possible location for a hostage siege -- the sports stadium
  • [added] - Police tac vests to responders
  • [added] - Custom paint job colors
  • [added] - Progress bars for various actions (drill safe, repairing car, etc)
  • [added/changed] - "vision" icon on hud will turn RED if player has aggro for any reason (has gun out, blew safe, etc)
  • [changed] - reworked technician/engineer repair, cls/mastermind medic bag, ghost/CLS heartbeat sensor, and weapon expert deployable MG to not require any inventory item (rather based on cooldown timers).
  • [changed] - reworked drug boat drop missions -- now intel drops randomly from drug enemies that has the location for boat drug drops
  • [changed] - Ghost reduced fall damage reworked - now an semi-active ability which can reduce one "fall" every 240 seconds
  • [changed] - Supply creates from supply jobs have additional items (flashbangs, uav, or EMP mines, depending on drop)
  • [changed] - EMP (technician) available at electroBuy, Flashbangs added to police item shop
  • [changed] - Civilian may drop cell phone on robbery (can pawn for money)
  • [fixed] - hostages should target players when armed and resisting

    vBeta 1.03

  • [added] Community Update Project Weapon Pack mod support added. Now requires @CUP and @ASDG_JR
  • [added] hostage siege mission! Get infamy level 2 and bring hostages to the indicated position
  • [added] Police item shop revamped (also added police vest/armor)
  • [fixed] CLS not having deploy medbag action
  • [fixed] drug safes having few or 0 drugs
  • [changed] Orca, hummingbird and motor boat costs reduced

    vBeta 1.02

    [added] Added "smugglers" that will appear around the map for a limited time. Smugglers sell heavy weapons, armor and silencers. Players get notified of the location based on infamy, with higher infamy players getting a head-start.

  • [added] simple squad joining (look at the person you wish to join, they will get an popup to confirm join)
  • [added] A few more armor types (1 new helmet, 1 new chest rig)
  • [added] Para drop insert can be purchased from air shops
  • [added] boat shops added to Neochori and Pyrgos. Adjusted position of some boat shops/spawns
  • [added] Respawn at last position marker on reconnect (was mandatory before, now option)
  • [added] Vehicle storage/loading at gas stations (for $200)
  • [added] ATM added to airfields (withdraw money, buy ground transport)
  • [changed] can ziptie hostages after they have been taken hostage
  • [changed] stores and store positions re-adjusted. Multiple stores grouped into: ElectroBuy, Malwart, Milsup R US, Guns N' Pawn, and Smugglers
  • [changed] Repo missions added to gas stations. Import/export garage removed.
  • [changed] adjusted some map marker colors
  • [changed] adjusted day of year of the mission to have longer days
  • [changed] Orca cost reduced to 70,000 (from 100,000), Jet reduced to 100,000 (from 150,000)
  • [fixed] lockpick action not unlocking vehicles

    vBeta 1.01

  • [added] color-coded job markers. Blue for jobs police or heisters can do, yellow for easy heister jobs, orange for intermediate, and red for difficult jobs. Grey is for mobile jobs (job will not necessarily be at that marker, just where it started)
  • [changed] more precursors for drug cooks drop around the mission
  • [fixed/changed] mastermind bonus calculation (was 115%, now 25%)
  • [fixed] unable to paint cars
  • [fixed] pallet gold could not be picked up
  • [fixed] "death crate" properly deleted on pick up
  • [fixed] loading vehicles from hideouts
  • [fixed] Cop server population bonus not rounding to whole numbers
  • [fixed] some bugs related to hideout shops

    vBeta 1.0

  • [added] Civilians have headlights on their cars
  • [added] New uniform for vehicle shops
  • [changed] Police can now only direct and recover hostages (civilians) that have been previously taken hostage
  • [changed] Money and bonus for selling slave/recovering hostage Cop: 8k, Heister: 5k, 15k for both for recovering a helocopter pilot
  • [changed] Flashlights and Cop beacon brightness reduced [fixed] AI Guards not patrolling
  • [fixed] Civilians should now properly get armed when attempting to resist robbery
  • [fixed] Gamble sounds, get money sound on win
  • [fixed] Tutorial not spawning in single player
  • [fixed] Selling drugs did not state the actual amount sold, always said 25 (though gave the correct money).
  • [fixed] Houses not loading in ARMA3 ver. 1.40
  • [fixed] Players taking extra damage when in vehicles (running into something usually put you on last stand)

    vAlpha 1.89

  • new mission: Drug Weapon Cache. Capture or destroy the weapons as heister or police! Bonus for every weapon destroyed!
  • new mission: Convoy Escort. Police can escort the convoy to a bank, or recover it at a police base. Hesiters can blow it up to recover gold!
  • new feature: gold pallets. Gold sometimes comes in a pallet of four sacks. Can be airlifted by any chopper!
  • added sound for police scanner
  • Vehicle actions nitro, repair, veh inuvln, etc. only available for driver (only works for driver in ARMA engine)
  • fixed bug with money calculation for police returning evidence
  • functions "registered" for better security/JIP issues/comparability

    vAlpha 1.88

  • new sounds for dropping medic and ammo bags (mastermind and enforcer) and dropping cash (Y menu)
  • large performance improvements (25-30% server fps) from some optimized code and script pre-compiling.
  • Police AI reinforcements have lights and sirens.
  • cost adjustments: Hunter HMG for police 40,000 now 80,000; MH9, 90,000 now 40,000, ORCA 200,000 now 100,000, Ghosthawk 800,000 now 700,000.
  • hideout direction saving for gang hideouts -- server operators may need to either delete their house saves or add an array houseDirectionArray="[0,0,0,0]" to (arma3\@inidbi\db\test.ini) with a 0 for each house on the server.
  • paychecks increased to 2000 for both police and heister. Fixed bug where police may not get paycheck
  • slightly faster generator disabling (18 seconds to 12 seconds)
  • added hotkey "K" to re-start hud if it gets disabled for some reason
  • AI updates to shop keeps to be more realistic (changed disable AI animations to disable AI movement)
  • score/bodycount updates/fixes: score now increases for killing drug members, goes down for killing civilians. Also fixes bug related to last stand survival calculation and people becoming "enemy" for killing drug or civs
  • pull out of vehicle not allowed from other vehicles (despite being hilarious)
  • mastermind rounding fixes (bonus rounds to nearest dollar)
  • weapon crates for weapon stores/item shops should not sometimes spawn in the ground

    vAlpha 1.87

  • New mission: "Gang Operation" police or heisters can raid a large drug hideout, with mulitple meth cooks and many enemies!
  • Added a HUD / interface show player money, infamy, etc!
  • Cash in hand and infamy sync on player logoff/login!
  • added chemlights to stores/atms/etc!
  • limited certain job types to allow more police/gang missions -- gives police option of being more active (or coop vs ai as police)

    vAlpha 1.85b

  • Real estate store unable to purchase real estate
  • Possible bank account over-write if player idles too long selecting spawn

    vAlpha 1.85

  • Combat Life Saver - Can recover dead bodies for a small bonus
  • Mastermind - Has 15% bonus on selling things (electronics, gold, drugs). Can buy thug for 1,500, bribe cost reduced to 3,000.
  • Technician - Received Vehicle Smoke Screen (formerly Ghost). Can also buy UAV from Item shop for 500.
  • Ghost - Can buy EMP mines and flash bangs. Gets new skill: Police scanner. Gets police dispatch information.
  • EMP grenade reworked to be command detonated mine (aka claymore)
  • added bag (backpack) shop to four stores. Replaces banker.
  • Class persistence
  • safe money scales based on connected police (10% per)
  • changing class costs a percent of net worth instead of a flat cost

    vAlpha 1.84

  • added flashbangs and EMP grenades! Smoke grenades are also available at item shops
  • added item shop to police base, some adjustments to police base placement
  • lockpick vehicle added to ghost class
  • ammo bag reworked - now is a 'free' skill for enforcer with only a cooldown. Any heister can take 1 magazine of their currently equipped weapon from the ammo bag.
  • "tank" NPC no longer drops vest and helmet on death. Encourages buying armor at armorer

    vAlpha 1.83

  • basic flashlight action is synced to all players
  • basic repair kits can be purchased at gas stations, vehicle shops, etc. for one time repair of vehicle
  • players can fix tires on broken vehicles
  • repair kit cost lowered to 2,000
  • Anyone can revive people that are bleeding out or last stand (not only medic classes). To compensate, medkits are no longer free in vehicles, but medic packs cost only 500. This makes combat life saver and mastermind able to heal, otherwise you have to go to hospital.
  • ghost can instantly ziptie.
  • more sounds!

    vAlpha 1.82

  • new drug lab cook mission! Collect the ingredients to cook the drugs. Make sure to get the order correct!
  • custom sounds for dog, police siren, and others!
  • there is an (optional) "bleed out" time after last stand. You can be healed by a CLS (police) or Mastermind (mastermind requires medkit item).
  • added "4-five .45" for purchase (as USP)
  • added weapon optics to weapon shop and terror shop

    vAlpha 1.81

  • Lockpicking gang cars had strange behavior
  • spike strips now able to disable faster moving vehicles
  • improvements to dog behavior
  • cops can now arrest NPC gangsters if they detain them (by stunning or dog)
  • tweaked rewards for selling slaves and recoving hostages
  • deployables (spike strips, road blocks, etc.) have better placement (places 2 meters in front of player)
  • double actions showing up in v1.80

    vAlpha 1.80

  • added "Gang Motorpool" mission. The objective is simple, either steal or destroy the gang's vehicles in the area. The vehicles may contain drugs as well. Police and Heisters may do this mission.
  • air shop will also sell vehicles, to encourage using the helicopter taxi (now you can get a vehicle (quad) when you get a ride across the map)
  • CLS medic vehicle can act as a police re spawner (while the vehicle is alive and stationary)
  • various bug fixes

    vAlpha 1.79f

  • GPS tracking units! can place GPS transmitter on a vehicle to find its position. Costs money, both sides can buy. Can be removed by engineer or ghost, should you notice it.
  • police will lose a paycheck (and any bonus) if they kill civilians or guards
  • special class items (repair kit, medic kit, c4, heartbeat sensor )cost reduced to 3,000 (from 5,000)
  • weapons expert gets a police off-road rather than SUV
  • weapons expert and enforcer can buy RPGs (enforcer requires heavy weapon shop)
  • military units (convoy, helo job, swat) look like soldiers
  • singleplayer saving (experimental). Saving acts like you DC from a multiplayer server, saving position and gear. Next time you load the mission it will start you in the same spot and same gear.

    vAlpha 1.78

  • Police joined together in a group (can see each other on HUD, etc.)
  • Ghost gets DMR at heavy weapons (loses non-silent SMG)
  • Enforcer gets SMG for purchase.
  • Description updates on the "map" interface: classes, job, game info
  • dog "hud" and fixes - when dog died in a vehicle couldn't re-buy a dog
  • text updates for clarity and less sideChat from the scripts
  • convoys/helo mission refuel action fixed (works in MP now)
  • Saving on DC should work. Save items, location, etc, upon DC/reconnect to server.

    vAlpha 1.76

  • added dogs! -- police can buy attack dogs which can disable bad guys!

  • Special guards added! Some guards have stun pistols, other may have heavy armor!
  • Loot drop redone - now you can't easily acquire weapons and ammo from dead bodies. There is a chance to get loot or a magazine for your current weapon.
  • added mastermind and combat life saver ability to revive people on last stand
  • police can drill drug safes (and tutorial safe / police tutorial )
  • 4-stores is now a safe cracking type mission. Each of the four stores has a chance of having a safe, more guards, has an alarm
  • gold and drugs costs are semi-randomized
  • re-balance of mission rewards
  • bug fixes on police hostage rescue and convoy missions, slave selling, JIP players stuck on loading

    vAlpha 1.73

  • added last stand! when you die you have a chance to fight your way back by killing some bad guys!

  • guards will target you when you try to run them over!
  • guards have better formations
  • guards model changed to look more like a security guard.
  • guards default AI behavior up from "SAFE" to "AWARE"
  • robbing hostages should be more interesting (bug fix + resist chance)
  • should delete any invulnerable helos or heavy reinforcement vehicles

    30 minutes after spawn to increase late-game performance

  • added check so local servers only spawn 5 jobs as opposed to 7 on dedicated server. Should result in higher performance in single player

    vAlpha 1.72

  • police or technician class can partially refuel stranded convoys or helos

  • crew from helicopter can be rescued or captured
  • created a higher level bank job, with even more guards and reinforcements (and payoff!)
  • drugs can only be sold at shady markets (rather than pawn shops and shady markets)
  • cops spawn at the closest reinforcement point instead of a random one.
  • weight-based civilian/guard weapon detection. Carry heavy guns, people see you comming. Carry a pistol and a few mags, you can get up close.
  • re-worked civilians; they spawn as part of jobs, can be ziptied, and can alert guards of your weapon (though they are a bit worse at spotting them)

    vAlpha 1.71

  • added downed pilot mission! Capture (or retrieve) the pilot from the drug gangs searching the area!

  • ghost can hide dead bodies
  • guards will become alerted if you get too close with a hidden weapon!
  • fixed a bug with convoy mission that would allow planting bomb on things other than convoy

    vAlpha 1.70

  • convoy mission added! Police can re-fuel the broke down convoys, and lead them back to HQ for a reward. Heisters can ambush the vehicle and claim the loot for themselves.

  • police can recover stolen goods, gold, drugs, etc. for reward.
  • player class saving
  • improved hideout and vehicle saving

    vAlpha 1.69

  • 4-stores re-worked. Deal damage to the four store owners (rather than buildings) to claim your reward.

  • can only load/save vehicles from level 2, 3 or 4 hideouts.
  • AI fixed for drug missions. Should aggro to players (if armed or tampering) and police regardless
  • Aggro tweaks (hold aggro a little longer when disabling gens, drilling, killing )

    vAlpha 1.67

  • many new mission locations! ( 26 locations -> 56 locations )

  • added drug warehouse missions (police and civ)
  • re-added house missions as regular missions (and intel missions buyable from shady shop)
  • added vehicle saving to hideouts!
  • adjustments to spawn locations and stores
  • police can save gear and hideouts at any police spawn
  • 2 additional levels of reinforcements from alarms - police in black SUV and gangsters for drug missions
  • Fixed issue with starting at 0 bank
  • Known issue: 4 stores may require an explosion to trigger. Seems to vary with ARMA 3 patches whether explosives or small arms can trigger building damage.

    vAlpha 1.66

  • drug runners added!

  • a new mission for police and heisters alike involving newly-arrived drug cartels.
  • added building saving to database!
  • randomized weapons for guards
  • upgraded bank guard helocopter troops (2 more men and come in on new DLC helo)

    vAlpha 1.61

  • Hideout gear save/load added
  • Visual indicator when safes are being drilled
  • Clothes randomized on start
  • Some civilian skins changed (to prepare for drug missions)
  • Reduced Mastermind bribe cost to 5k (from 20k)
  • Many actions re-written to be compatable for players joining after the mission spawned. (NOTE: why does bis_fnc_mp no longer do this?)
  • 1 less job will spawn to increase server performance
  • Vehicles lock/unlock will be persistent. You can now lock/unlock your car after dead / disconnected

    vAlpha 1.48

  • Added database bank account saving.
  • Requires @iniDBI mod

    vAlpha 1.38

  • JIP bug should be fixed -- joining after game start will no longer hang client.
  • Gang hideout and supply drop mission improvements

    vAlpha 1.35

  • Brought to compatability with currnet version of ARMA 3, as well as several performance enhancements.
  • Four stores mission now requires the use of explosives but grants 1500 per person completing the mission.

    vAlpha 1.31

  • Fixed crashing on player join

    vAlpha 1.27

  • Bug fix to hit missions --- you now receive 25,000 to your bank when you complete a hit mission given to you from the shady shops! The missions are only on other players that have killed at least one other!
  • Updated player descriptions for the multiplayer lobby (bluefor = police; redfor = heisters)
  • Added civilian/guard body deletion which should help late game fps

    vAlpha 1.26

  • Added helo transport! For 200 you and your gang can rent a helicopter to fly from one airfield to another!
  • Fixed gold drop bug

    vAlpha 1.25

  • Minor bug fixes

    vAlpha 1.24

  • Added vehicle locks and tow truck service.

    vAlpha 1.22

  • performance improvements
  • bug fixes
  • gang hideout system should be raidable by cops. That will remove the hideout and give the cop money

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