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Project Payday Scam? Honest Review

project payday reviews

Realistic Extra Income For The Average Joe!

What is Project Payday?

Project payday is an online system which helps beginners to make money online with zero out of pocket cost. Unlike many other systems, there is no fee for joining project payday. In my experience, they have paid me each and every week on time. Not even a single week, the payments have got delayed and I had no trouble so far while dealing with them.

Be careful about the sites which are claiming project payday as scam. They will try to sell their own money making sy stem which will require startup cost. A genuine system will never ask its members to pay before they earn. I was trying to earn money for a very long time and I have landed in many scam programs spending hundreds of dollars. Finally I came across project payday system and I should say that I am very lucky to find the website through a friend of mine.

Internet is like an ocean and you need little bit of luck to find the golden island. After searching for a very long time, I finally found a legit system that helps people to earn online.

How Much Can You Earn?

There are many methods inside Project Payday system. They have a

quick start guide called as Fast Fifty Program. They also have a detailed project payday guide which teaches you three main methods to earn via project payday system.

Apart from this, they also have a video tutorials section and extra guides section. The video tutorials section explains how to earn money using the project payday system, and other related informations like payments, do's and don'ts and so on.

Other guides explain the rest of the ways to earn money online (other than project payday) and how to earn more using one of the ways in project payday.

On an average, you can up to $80 per hour depending upon your expertise.

Payment Methods

Project payday supports various payments. Some of the main payment methods include direct deposit in your bank account, payments via Project Payday Mastercard (No setup fee), check, wire transfers (only for high volumes) and paypal.

You will get paid once in a week and the payments are on time. For one of the methods in project payday system, you will get paid within a couple of hours via paypal. This clearly shows that they are legit!

US Only

Project payday currently accepts members only from US. If you are not residing in US, you will not be able to join project payday.

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