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Project Payday – Is Project Payday a Scam? My Project Payday Review

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Hey Josh here,

Over the past few weeks, I had several emails from my readers asking me to provide an inside scoop into what Project Payday is all about. I finally found the time to write a comprehensive review so if you are looking for the most comprehensive and unbiased review of Project Payday, then I strongly suggest that you keep on reading because this is my uncensored story about my trials with Project Payday.

If you continue and fully finish reading this article, I expect you to have a good grasp of what Project Payday is and whether or not Project Payday is a scam. My Project Payday review will address these concerns.

What lies behind the secret members only area of Project Payday is an ebook that contains their closely guarded money making method that is still very effective today ever since it was first developed in 2007. The basis of the whole method relies on a specific types of sites that have reached popularity over the past few yeares. These are the Incentivized Freebie Websites. This ebook provides a very thorough and detailed explaination on how to maximize the amount of money you can make from these websites. It also provides a membership to a community where people pay you money to help others complete these Incentivized Freebie Websites. More will be said on this later.

If you have seen websites that offer Free iPads, then you have probably been to a IFW. The problem is that when people are first exposed to these websites, they may think that it is a scam. Some of this is true, there are always bad apples from the bunch. Some of the IFW may be scams, but there are actually some legit ones out there. And these are the ones that Project Payday talks about and is contained in the book. Did you know that there is one IFW that has been running for 7 years and has sent over $9 million dollars in gifts?

There is a whole secret network of forums on the Internet where people are dedicated towards helping others complete the requirements in order to get a Free Ipad and other electronics for people. This information is contained in the Project Payday book. Furthermore, Project Payday also has a mentorship program, where you can get support from people who have mastered this method and already make a lot of money from it. I find that this is really helpful as all your questions can be answered. Furthermore, it may get confusing at first, so I really like this aspect of the program because I like being spoonfed until I know what is going on.

Basically, how these IFW can afford to give you these electronics for free are as follows. Note, you do not necessary have to choose to get electronics, you can opt for money instead. I have done it hundreds of times. The money that is being used to give you the free product comes from advertisers. This is a new spin on how advertisers choose to spend their marketing budget. Traditionally, many companies will choose to spend their money on passive marketing methods such as buying airtime for commericals in television. A great example of this was the Superbowel this past weekend. It cost $3 million dollars for 30 seconds of airtime. Yet, with the current technology such as Youtube and Netflix, television viewership (with the exception of the SuperBowl) is decreasing and companies need to be more innovative to get the most out of their advertising budget. The IFW are one form of advertising. How it works is that you have companies like Netflix, People Magazine, and Direct TV. These companies will pay the IFW money for each person that they can get to sign up for their services. These services are often free trials and that allow the consumer to test out these services. So, for example, if an IFW offers you a free iPad. They would have a requirement to have you refer 10 people to try

out a trial service from such companies like Netflix. The IFW will get paid by Netflix and this money will be used to purchase your iPad, so you will esssetnailly be getting it for free. The IFW will profit because the amount of money that they get from Netflix will be more than enough for the iPad and Netflix will profit because they get new customers for their service. The rate that they pay the IFW is calculated so that they are profitable in the long run. Some people may cancel the free trial to Netflix and other people will continue and stay on as paying customers. This is an incentivized offer. The companies that have their own service allocate their marketing budgets so that they can get a direct return on their investment rather than brand awareness that comes with television ads. Although some people may cancel the service, that’s a given. It’s the most common model of advertising. Take Groupons for an example. They give you a deal so that you try out a company’s service. If you like it, you may become a repeat customer and order again. This is done to get more people to try their services. The IFW makes money on each free trial offer that people sign up for using their site. And you get a free electronic or cash. It’s a really complicated equation, but all parties win using the IFW.

The beauty of this is that there are people that will pay you money for being one of the 10 people that they may need to sign up for a free trial. The rates that I have seen are $30-50 for a free trial that you sign up. This is another method that is mentioned in the Project Payday book. Specifically, the Project Payday book will direct you to this huge member site with 84 000 members right now that are dedicated towards completing IFW sites. You can complete these free trial offers and earn cash (average payment is usually $25) for each offer you complete for them. You could also do offers for others  and in return they will do offers for you, so that you meet the requirements of the IFW to get your reward.

The bottom line here is that since I have followed the Project Payday method, I have received the following benefits:

I have gotten many electronics for free including 2 iPads, 3 iPods, a PS3, a Xbox 360, a Nintendo Wii and a Netbook. I also received plenty of cash each month as well. Project Payday may not be for everyone but it has certainly helped me allow me to get the newer electronics that I would not have been able to afford for free. Furthermore, the extra $500-2000 a month really goes a long way in helping me pay my bills. The more effort you put into this, the more money you will make in the long run.

Is Project Payday a scam? The answer is no. They are actually an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and they have an A rating. If you are looking for ways to make money online, I believe that Project Payday is an excellent option to try. There are very few companies that would have a $100 guarantee. Their guarantee is that if you follow the ebook and you do not make $50 then, the founder of Project Payday will pay you $100. Project Payday isn’t for everyone, but it’s a pretty neat system. You will have to find out for yourself whether or not this is for you. The only way is by trying it out.

It is currently free to create an account at Project Payday. Take advantage of this opportunity now!

Currently, it is a free to sign up for an account at Project Payday. To start earning money today, sign up here.

For more information regarding Project Payday and the reviews behind this money making opportunity, feel free to visit the site above.

Project Payday - Is Project Payday a Scam? My Project Payday Review. 4.6 out of 5 based on 439 ratings

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